Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mommy, I threw it on the floor

I heard this come from my 9 year old daughter today. She came in to tell me that she was drawing a picture, didn't like it, so she crumbled it up and threw it on the floor. I stared at her in wonder. What exactly was she wanting me to do? Go pick it up for her? Yell at her? I shook my head and said "well pick it up and throw it away" She looked upset. Here's the rest of our conversation:
Skylar: "that's all? you aren't going to yell at me?"
I answered "why do you think I would yell? Is that what I do?"
 Skylar "No, but it's wrong to just through something on the floor like that"
Me: "so why did you do it?"
Skylar: "I don't know..."
Me:"well are you going to throw anything else on the floor?"
Skylar:"No, mommy. i promise."
Me:"OK, so go pick it up and throw it away"

Odd? Not really. This is pretty common. Skylar has been telling on herself since she could talk. I am not a huge disciplinarian. At least not yet, lol, I haven't had to be. Skylar is a great kid and never really gets into trouble. She gets a little snappy and might have me get to the "Go to your room and calm down" point but that's about the worst of it. I think kids of all ages need structure and discipline and I truly think they thrive on it.  To be honest, I think i will be saddened by her outgrowing her telling on herself, haha
So the rest of the event went like this:
Skylar went to her room and I went back to playing Poponz w/Sebastian. He took a drink from his cuppy and then slung it across the room. HUH? Then he looks at me and smiles and says "mommy, I threw it on floor".....oi

Food For Thought

Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if vegetables
smelled as good as bacon. ~Doug Larson

(borrowed from a great TeacherLady)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Eye Contact & Willingness to learn

Being a mother now for 9 years has showed me that I am not always the one teaching. Children teach you as well.
The most important thing I think I have learned is eye contact.
Children have a lot to say and often, as parents we get so caught up on what we are doing that we only half listen to them. You may not think that the way a string got caught on a teddy bear is anything to report, but to a child that may be crucial.  It doesn't matter why you hear "mom, mom, mom" 50X a minute. Take time to look at your child and say "hold on" "wait a minute" etc. They deserve that. But make sure as soon as you finish your task you go back to the waiting child, give eye contact and listen.
It 20 years (or whatever) and your child is having children of their own or reminiscing about their childhood, they aren't going to care that every dish was washed or floor was spotless or you got brownie points from your boss by working from home after hours. They will remember you took time and gave it to them. You paused your life and sat down and built a tower from Lego's. You turned a sheet and a couple of chairs into the coolest tent of all time. You made them feel important. You made them feel that their interest mattered.
No matter how busy you may be, you always have time to make eye contact and show your children that are special.
This event is also quite amusing, haha

Thursday, July 28, 2011

July27, 11 (WIUW:Double Delights)

Ok so today we took a break from CakePops (but I have an idea for next week...a CakePop idea, lol) and made Double Delights. Some people call the Whoopie Pies? Whatever you call them they are fabu. It's basically any cake batter turned into a cookie dough and then sandwiched with a filling of your choice.
We did Funfetti cake batter, simple alternation turned it into a cookie dough, and paired it with simple white icing dyed pink and blue. I let Sebastian pick a color and Skylar. Surprise, surprise, ha ha. Actually Sebastian's was a surprise cuz he usually picks Green.
The possibilities with this idea are completely endless. I think next time we are going to do a PeanutButter Cookie with PB&J filling??? Doesn't that sound yummy?

Chicken Nugget Brand Recalled Due to Listeria Concerns

More than 18,000 pounds of Pilgrim’s Pride brand ready-made chicken nuggets and fillets have been recalled due to concerns that the product is contaminated with listeria, a bacteria that can cause symptoms of food-poisoning and is especially dangerous to pregnant women.
Here are the details of the recall, according to
Pilgrim’s Pride has recalled 18,312 pounds of chicken nuggets and chicken fillets sold at Dollar General stores in nine states.
Contamination with potentially deadly listeria bacteria was detected in the fully cooked products.
In a separate recall, also due to listeria contamination, Flying Foods has recalled some 7,000 pounds of ready-to-eat chicken, turkey, beef, and pork products sold in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. Some of the products were sold in Starbucks stores, which on Monday removed all Flying Foods products from their shelves.
On July 20, Pilgrim’s Pride recalled 11,240 pounds of ready-to-eat chicken products:
  • 10-pound boxes containing two 5-pound bags of “Sweet Georgia Brand Fully Cooked Breaded White Chicken Nuggets Shaped Patties.” There is a date code of 11471010 ink-jetted on the box, which bears the establishment number P-7091A inside the USDA mark of inspection. Each 5-pound bag is marked with the date code and P-7091A. This product was shipped to distribution centers in Texas and New Jersey for further distribution to other food service vendors.
  • 30-pound boxes containing six 5-pound bags of “Pilgrim’s Pride Fully Cooked Grilled Chicken Breast Fillet with Rib Meat.” There is a date code of 11801050 and a Use By Date of Dec. 26, 2011 ink-jetted on the box, which bears the establishment number P-20728 inside the USDA mark of inspection. The inner bags are marked with the code date and Use By Date. This product was shipped to distribution centers in Ohio for further distribution.
On July 26, Pilgrim’s Pride added 7,072 pounds of ready-to-eat chicken to the recall:
  • 16-pound boxes containing eight 2-pound bags of “Pilgrim’s Pride Fully Cooked Chicken Breast Breaded Nugget Shaped Patties with Rib Meat.”
  • The 16-pound boxes have a date code of 11531010 ink-jetted on the box, a best-by date of “JUN 02 2012,” and the establishment number “P-7091A” inside the USDA mark of inspection.
  • Each 2-pound bag is marked with the date code and “P-7091A.” These bags were shipped to Dollar General stores in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

btw, this was C&Ped from

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

3 Questions 4 Thursday (7/28/11)

(once again, doing the 3 question thing with another blog I read.)
1. What makes you smile?
Very simply, my children. My family.  Other things that make me smile are: my son singing and dancing, my daughter's ability to talk endlessly about animals, a great photo, logging online and it working with no issues, Volcano Taco w/extra lava sauce &cheesy nachos w/added Lava sauce from Taco Bell (yeah I have been seriously in love with that lately) planning (planning parties mostly, but I just love planning stuff, lol)

2. What do you want most?
a healthy and happy family

3. What three questions do you wish you knew the answers to?
What are this weeks winning lotto numbers?
Will I get to sleep today?
Why does my baby have to be sick?

Jul25, 11 MM (Black Magic)

So today we decided to try a little something called Black Magic.
The cheapest and easiest craft ever! My toddler adored it and it even made my 9 year emit an audible "ooohhh". What more could you ask for?
Supplies are super simple, instructions couldn't be easier.
So what is this magic you ask?
A black crayon, black paper, water and a paintbrush.
yeah, that's it!
Simply have the kid draw on their construction paper with their black crayon. I told them ahead of time, it may be hard to see, but be patient. Sebastian was confused by this, and said "it's broke. new one?" as his markings didn't quite show. I urged him to scribble a bit more. Skylar drew her picture.
Next I had them paint over it using water. As the water hit the crayon marks they instantly highlighted them, causing Skylar to "ooohh". Sebastian was pretty impressed to. "not broke!" he exclaimed. Haha
I took photos, and will post them but to be honest, it doesn't show up as neat as it did in real life.
Skylar was so enthralled she tried again with another matched items. Purple paper and purple crayon, green on green, etc. LOL very fun!

Life as a SAHM

So here is a lil piece of my life. Who says stay at home moms have no life?

9am>wakeup (ooh goody got to sleep in, oh yeah!!)
Between wakeup and my lil monster's nap, the following occurs:
*Make breakfast for the kids, cleanup the dishes as they eat.
* Straighten up kitchen, all dishes washed (by hand I have no dishwasher) cleanup the table, feed the bottomless pit of a kitten we have, AGAIN, sweep the floor, unclutter the ever cluttered table. Yes, my house is the one where people think the table is a catch all. No, it's not, it is a table! lol
* reassure my daughter that it's OK to lose another tooth, (I had to be Dentist mommy and pull out her took-a K9- the previous day) and that she was still in the loosing a tooth phase and not too old. 
* Play with Sebastian, this could be anything. Today's agenda was Legos, books, and drawing. Typical
* Address my husbands boo-boo. He got bit by something while working on the car and it got infected so I play Dr.Wife, and there wasn't anything remotely *fun* about caring for the mess that was on his calf.
* Convince Sebastian it's 12:30 and time to go lay down with Daddy. he refused. I give him extra snuggles and take note, he is looking *off* and acting differently. Chalk it up to the heat and how he was in it the previous day
Naptime Begins:1pm
* Go online to check emails and have some "Mommy Time"
Naptime Over: 1:30pm
*think "Ok that was way short lived"
*go downstairs and greet my beautiful guy and ask if he's ready for lunch. He agrees and so lunchtime begins. I make him and Skylar some lunch. She eats and he doesn't. Not really anyway. 1/2 a banana and his cuppy of milk
*This time I eat lunch as well since I got no breakfast.
*after lunch is time we decided to do an art project
*then it's cleanup time for mommy from both the art project and lunchtime. Skylar and I both play with Sebastian for a while.
*Time for grocery shopping. get to the store, shop, come home put groceries away and start dinner
*dinner was great and even Sebastian ate. FINALLY! My lil piggie had eaten right and hadn't been fully himself all day.
After dinner is bath time routines for both children, then bedtime for Sebastian and Room time for Skylar.
(during summer, she has no bedtime, but she has to be quiet in her room at 9:30)
9pm-9:45pm> convincing Sebastian to go to sleep. (why is it fighting this all day)
10pm> both kids asleep!!
* go cleaup kitchen from dinner dishes, mess
*come up here, try to get online, but nope. No Internet. What now? I call tech support and after an hour of running test after test, they deem my area to be having a shortage! Grrr, I wanna blog!! haha
*go downstairs
Midnight> I hear a lil voice
* I go in my room and Sebastian is laying on my bed watching cartoons!! I asked him what was up and he said "belly's warm" but didn't feel warm at all. I just laid next to him and we watched a lil cartoons. (btw Hubby was there too, yes we still co-sleep! lol) Sebastian was all cute and smiley, but I told him to go back to sleep and he agreed. (that was easy)
hubby yells "Get in here!!" so i run in to find Sebastian sitting in bed in a puddle of throw up. Hubby was covered as well. I asked if he was ok, and Sebastian said "puke". I said "do you need to puke again?" and he said "yes" So i lifted his lil arm and another huge wave came out. My poor baby!! I have never seen a child throw up so much. He's so small! Once he looked at me and said "done" I finally breathed a sigh of relief. Then he looks down and said "ewww mommy, mess. Need a towel" hahah oh goodness!
1am> Re-bathe Sebastian
*so I gave him a bath, checked his temp (99-not bad) while Jeff cleaned himself and our bed. The bed took quite a while.
2:45am> Lights out, time to sleep

3 Meals

Wow! I had 3 actual meals today. No they weren't wonderful perfect for you meals, but 3 separate eat times at normal hours!
Breakfast: bowl of Raisin Bran
Lunch: PB&J sandwich
Dinner: Tri colored penne w/smart veggie sauce, parm cheese and garlic bread
YAY me. I honestly can not remember the last time I had 3 meals in a single day.  Breakfast for me usually happens around lunch time and and then I eat dinner. Dinner is pretty much a given, but the other 2 meals are kinda iffy. This needs to change. I make sure my kid get their meals plus snacks. I suppose it's time to make sure I eat somewhat properly too right? haha
Guess this is yet another example of you worrying more about your children when you become a parent, huh?
So my question for you is this? Do you make sure you get your 3 meals in? Do you make sure they are well rounded meals?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Techno Craze

Have you ever realized just how much we need technology in our life? Ok, now take away things we need and think about the things we use as pleasure. Is all this really important?
I have at least 1 TV in my house going at basically all hours. My daughter finds herself either glued to her DSi or the computer for several hours every single day...ok not everyday but it certainly feels that way!
Does technology monopolize your life? Honestly, I do think we are not as bad as some people I know. I do have rules. My rules are simple and so far have been followed quite nicely with no complaining.
Now, if the weather allows this is not an issue, because my daughter would be outside running around, BUT unfortunately it has been triple digits lately and we have been spending a lot of time indoors.
She reads everyday practically. her summer goal was 35 hours and she has already reached that and she doesn't go back to school until Aug 17th, so I am quite proud of that actually.
She must do *something* educational if she wants to earn computer/DSi time.
Example: Say she wants an hour online. Ok, fine, but 15 minutes must be spent on an educational site. She knows plenty of them and one only allows you to play one game of your subject choice and it's approximately 15 minutes long. Typically she will play that and then move on to more fun activities. Oh and btw, I found this cool Kid Friendly Browser, so she just clicks that icon instead of IE when logging on and she can have free Internet rein. It will only allow her to go to age appropriate sites! Bonus! haha
But that is pretty much it. She is a great kid, and so far at 9, she couldn't care less about the bigger badder video games, cells, texting, etc (which to me is amazing because all her friends rave about their cells, Wiis, etc etc). So far she is happy with an hour or two online, some DSi action, a craft, and a good book. My daughter is simple. Now the goal is to keep her that way! HA wish me luck!!
As for me, I am fairly simple as well. I rarely talk on the phone unless I am scheduling something. I am online a lot, but I take advantage of nighttime. Everyone is asleep and insomnia has me developing an obsession as a Blogger. :P
So tell me, how is technology is your world?

Sensory Boxes w/animals

Today I got out his old sensory box, aka a container full of blue rice. I added some more rice (that I dyed green) and 6 of Skylar's Schleich animals. I hid them inside and he had to find them. He had such fun. I think this was his favorite time. It was so cute he'd be all "PIG!!! Are you??" (yeah he doesn't add the *where* haha), then if he found a different animal than the one he had called for he's say "No, turtle!" and shove him back in and continue the pig hunt, aha sooo much fun. This is another time he played with the box and here too.
I won't do any more commentary and let the pics do the talking, haha

Saturday, July 23, 2011

3 tidbits about ME

A few questions I thought I would share:
(btw this idea was from another blog I read/follow)
What do I love?
I love typing in the color pink
I love my family

I love CakePops!! ha ha
I love chocolate
I love to take photos although I am not very good
I love to craft
I love seeing the moment something "clicks" in my children's mind when they GET IT
I love to cuddle
I love to travel
I love to blog (DUH< LOL)
I love the group of ladies I met in my baby group!
I love having the last word (yep I'm cool with admitting it, lol)
I love life
I love NOT being home
I would love to go on forever,. LOL but I'll stop now and move on

What makes me uncomfortable?
Getting my photo taken. I do not like it. I really have low self esteem and am in very few pics. I really hate for people to wait for me. This rarely ever happens. I think early is on time and on time is actually late, so i try to be early for everything so no one has to wait for me. That makes me extremely uncomfortable.
What do I think about as I lay in bed awake at night?
uh...everything! Being an insomniac since the age of 14 will leave you with plenty of nighttime thinking. This week it has been what I would do with lottery winnings. Last week it was if I could rewind my life to a starting point and relive that experience, what would I choose and why. Haha , yep I am a weird one!

so there ya have it! A few tidbits about me. Wanna answer these too?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Best Marriage Advice from: Me!

I have been married 10 years and we have 2 wonderful children. I am a jack of all trades and an expert on nothing. haha. I am really no one to give advice, but I shall try as this week on suyl that is the task!
I think the best marriage advice I could ever give someone is simple: Remember who your spouse fell in love with and keep it interesting at the same time. You know the old saying the frumpy wife (that was always so glamorous) says? "I have a man, why worry about my looks?" Uhhh ok, my answer is this. "Yes you have him, now don't you want to keep him?"
Too often (at least where I come from) people change drastically once the marriage becomes comfortable. This is not a new pair of heels ladies. This is a real person with real feelings. (same goes for men). Did you love making a huge Sunday meal, and now years and children later you scramble for a frozen concoction that will merely sustain you? Were you all heels, makeup and pearls and now you barely have the energy to pour yourself into your yoga pants?
Does your life partner enjoy the game? Then don't use the final quarter to remind him soccer practice is tomorrow. Does he get *happy* at the site of costumes? Then buy stock at Keep it interesting. Surprise him/her. Find out what s/he loves and master it.  Remember you are also a *couple", not just Mr &Mrs. Smith, not just Mommy&Daddy. Make time to enjoy being a couple.
I understand life is hectic, trust me. I know not everything will remain the same. I do, however urge you to remember who s/he fell in love with. 

I hope I at least make a little bit of sense through my rambles, haha.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Skylar's Celebration

ok, WOW. I cannot believe I forgot to post this!! So this was the last day of school, June 1st so yeah a bit over due, haha. Hope you enjoy!!

Skylar completed her 3rd Grade school year with a bang! She had award after award, accomplishment after accomplish, etc under her belt. She had worked so hard this year and had lots to show for it. I really wanted to do something for her to celebrate. I decided to throw her a lil mini party. It was really going to just be me, Skylar and Sebastian (since Daddy had a DR appointment). I wanted to have everything ready as she got off the bus. (I had gone to her school that morning and watched her class's award ceremony as well)
Skylar's cousin Cassie was able to make it to our lil party and even added ice cream and vegetarian chili cheese dip to our menu. (Cassie, btw, is the only vegetarian in the family). Skylar's main request was a Rainbow Cake,(<-- click that for detail's on how to make it!) she wasn't expecting a whole table setup or Cassie, who ended up sleeping over. So this turned out to be a GREAT kickoff to summer event!

Chili cheese dip fit for the vegetarian in our life! (cassie, lol)

Jul 20, 2011 part 2 (craft time)

So today's craft was kinda impromptu and I didn't exactly have the right supplies, but we went with it!
We did stained glass photos using tissue and construction papers. Skylar made a fish, Sebastian did a flower, and then Skylar went back and made a quick octopus! LOL, loads of fun! here's the pics!
I drew Sebastian's flower, while Skylar drew her own fish.
Just draw whatever design you want and then redraw it inside itself creating a border

Next cut out your designs and you are ready to go!

(side note, my mom was here and kept holding his glass afraid he'd drop it on the floor while I took pics, haha)
Next you lay your "Pretty Side" (no pencil marks) face down. Then cut tissue paper into squares. For the adhesive paint, I just mixed together Elmer's glue and a little bit of water.
You will paint the entire design and layer it with the tissue paper. Be sure to overlap and cover your entire design

Allow to lay flat and dry. This took several hours, unfortunately.
But when it's dry you trim the excess tissue paper and flip over.

The final result is beautiful and ready to be hung!!

I do see us making these again, but I will try to have cuter tissue paper available, lol.
to see Part one of Jul20, 11 click here and you can see the cakepops we made, including my attempt at a Mickey one!!

Jul 20, 11 (WIUW:CakePops) Part 1

My name is Cat and I am addicted to CakePops!
oh my goodness, I just can't help it. This is only my 3rd time with these, but how fun are they? I mean seriously? Have y'all tried them yet? They aren't as tedious as I made them out to be on my 1st attempt, but they *are* multi-stepped. The final result is so completely yummy you will soon forget about how patient you had to be (you must forget this detail or else why would someone as impatient as me continue to make these? haha) I have yet to find someone that is not in love with these. Although, none of my friends or family is willing to make them,,,,they only eat mine....hmmm LOL.
This time we did Strawberry cake/Vanilla icing and chocolate candy coating. The hope was a cake version of a chocolate covered strawberry.
Sebastian did about 90% of the cake mixing, and while he napped Skylar and I finished it. He can't be in the kitchen during this process anymore, haha. He will scream "CAKE-POPS! Mine!! wanna eat it!! Cakepops!! Mommy!! Cakepops!" the entire time. So we decided we would try to be cutesy about it. I even attempted Mickey Pops, haha. Skylar did pigs, of course.
 Here are some pics. Hope you enjoy!!
Sebastian made the cake before his nap
Skylar crumbled the cake

ok, I have had a few people ask about how much icing I mix into my cake crumbs. This much! haha. It's a lil less than half a standard size can

My dough balls, lol

Skylar's pig faces

I dipped the stick into chocolate candy melts and shoved it into my cakeball. Then I dipped 2 mini Oreos into the candy and shoved them into the ball for ears. I also flattened it out a little bit. No real reason, just looked better to me, ha ha

Finished Mickey one. Goal was to make 12 of these, I made 8. they were not cooperating with me so I gave up and made regular ball style. I am decently pleased with the outcome though.

Regular chocolate cakepops with  strawberry cake filling. YUM

Skylar's pigs kept falling apart so she made this huge giant Cakepop Ball. It's so pretty, I think.
He woke up to a Cake Pop and was SO pleased

"uh, no Sissy! this is MY Cakepop! Get your own"

We also did a craft today, so I will grace you with the details of that along with some photos tomorrow!! Stay tuned!
click here for the craft!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011


While out and about, I saw these flowers. My day was rushed as many errands needed to be completed. You always hear the phrase "Take time to stop and smell the roses", but do we? I don't know why but seeing this pretty bush outside the mall had me stop and reconsider my day. Why did I have to hurry? I had no *real* answer.  So I slowed down. We added a nice leisurely lunch to our agenda. I allowed the kids to play in the Playground the mall offers. My errands were still done completely. Nothing was *late*.
Sometimes it's easy to be caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, and being a mother of 2 (3 if you count my husband) I know this all too well. I have always prided myself on soaking in every precious memory I could with my children. For they grow far too quickly and I did not want to miss a thing.
I got going a bit too fast today and I thank these flowers for slowing me down. We should always take time and "Smell the Roses" (or whatever flower you stumble across!)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows part2

Sad face, it's the end of an era. OK so my dork will show a lot in this post but I have to blog about it!
I went to see the final chapter of the Harry Potter movies. Like I did for every one of them, I preordered my tickets and stood in line for hours so I could see that midnight showing.  There is nothing like a Harry Potter Premiere crowd. I have been to other Midnight premiere and the HP fans are by far the best. They are fun, sweet and basically just the nicest group of dorks ever. I am proud to be a part of such an elite group, ha ha.
We arrived at 4pm to be sure we were first in line. Our theater had it playing on all 14 screens, but when we saw 2 girls there first I admit, I was a bit sad. We had never NOT been first in line. This bucked tradition, but alas they were not for room 9, like we were. So therefor, we were still first for our theater! WOOT.
After standing line until about 10pm (yes standing, it is a fire hazard to sit) we got a HUGE bonus. Turns out  a couple had purchased Lux Level tickets (which are for 21 and over and has special seating and other perks) and weren't 21. Manager asked me and hubby if we wanted to do an even exchange and sit in the Lux Level. Uhhh, yes please! So cool! We finished the HP movies in style, ha ha.
oh and just so you know. My niece (16) watched Skylar. We were in the same theater, just in the balcony while they sat in regular seats, and my mom watched Sebastian in the lobby while he slept in the stroller. It was a really nice arrangement and we all agreed we need to do it again sometime. Kinda like me and hubby were on a mini date, ha ha. I didn't have to freak because I missed the kids since they were still nearby, but at the same time we had some *us* time. It was nice.
Here are a few pics of our night, including the fun *Trolley* that rolled around passing out snacks.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Table for 3...and now 4. (long)

Ok, so on another blog I LOVE ( Kelly's Korner ) she is having us share how we told our husbands we were expecting a baby. I thought I would share my complete story with both children since I haven't shared that yet. I find these stories fun to read and I hope you do as well.
When I took the HPT telling me I was pregnant with my 1st child, I held it in. I was shaking and so super excited, but wanted it verified before telling my hubby. So after my chiropractor appointment that morning, I went to a clinic that does free pregnancy tests. They assured me I was indeed going to be blessed with a baby and gave me a due date! I was over the moon. After hubby got off work, I made him take us out to eat. While we waited for our order, he asked about my day and I rambled a list quite quickly. "went to chiropractor, saw my friend, verified I was pregnant at a clinic, came home, did the dishes, and read a little bit---" and he cut me off cuz he caught what I said. He was shocked! We had only been married a couple months, and we hadn't been trying nor preventing. After a short "omg, are you SURE?" chat he jumped up and hugged me. Everyone turned to stare at us and he beamed saying "we're going have a baby" and he is completely anti-public displays of affection so this made me tear up. It was a moment I will never forget.
I told my mom by going to her job. She ran a fast food restaurant at the time. She came over to me and was like, "Are you guys eating here today?" I said "No, I was just wondering what you are doing April 24th 2002??" She responded, "Hell, I don't even know what I am doing next week, let alone next year!" I shrugged and was like "oh, i was just wondering cuz that's when your grandchild is due" Her eyes got all big and she shrieked! It was so funny. Then she goes around telling everyone in the restaurant I'm pregnant.
We told his parents by bringing it up in an insurance conversation. I said, "yeah since I am pregnant now, we have to get that new form and tell them I'm pregnant so it can help with doctor bills and whatnot. " His dad's mouth dropped while his mom was all "yeah, hopefully it'll cover your bills for you" FIL was all "did you even realize what she said?" She goes, "Yeah they need to redo their insurance?" FIL says, "uh...she's PREGNANT!" hahhaa, sooo funny

Fast forward over 6 years. I realized I was ready to start trying for another baby, and so was hubby. We got extremely lucky because on our 1st cycle of trying, I got my positive. I happen to go out with my mom that morning and told her I think I may be pregnant. Technically I wasn't even due to start yet and had already taken several dollar store test and have gotten faint positives, but I wanted that glaring digital. I bought it at Wal*Mart and we went to Frish's for breakfast. I tested there in their bathroom, lol, and got my clear positive! I came out beaming and she goes "you are???" and I nodded. Then we shared a lovely chat. Next I went to a store and got Hubby a card (Front read "don't bother babyproofing your house" inside read "cuz one already got in") and a box of chocolates.
I wanted to wait until Valentine's Day to give it to him, but I realized the digitals don't hold that word on there past 24 hours. So i offered him his gift early. He was very anxious cuz we usually don't exchange gifts. I wrapped the test about 20x in clear plastic wrap, and slipped it inside the box of chocolates. Then I gave him that and the card. He was over the moon! Asking, "really? this is real?" over and over. Then he wanted to tell everyone right then. Uh no dude, haha it was like 1am.
I bought Skylar a card from her new sibling (Hallmark rocks btw, lol) and a new DS game. My plan was to tell her at Valentine's Dinner, but Hubby couldn't. He told her that night! Just called her into my room. I asked her if she could guess my wish, and she said "yes, because it's the same as mine. You want a baby huh?" I told her "yes, and our wish is going to come true." Her eyes grew very large and she said, "how do you know?  did you pee on one of those sticks?" I nodded and she cried. I asked if she was ok, and she said she was so happy, and told me they were "happy tears" and she knew she would have a sibling soon because she asked God for one and He wouldn't let her down. I was floored by her reaction. It even made hubby cry! We all sat on my bed hugging and crying and laughing. Best. Moment. Ever.
We told the entire family by ordering a cake for Valentine's Day. I had them make a huge director's clapboard on it. (we are always playfully teased about our love for movies. Seeing at least 2 a week at that point in our lives, ha ha) The clapboard had "Coming Soon:  Baby #2 October 2009" Again, it took MIL a minute to figure it out, ha ha but everyone was happy!
So those are my stories, hope you enjoyed them. I look forward to reading any you may want to share...who knows, maybe I will post a 3rd baby story someday....

UPDATE: Guess you may wanna read this: Click me!!!

Best Friends Cake (PB & J)

For today's WIUW we made and decorated cake. My niece was here and she wanted to make a cake with Skylar. Sebastian was not interested, lol.
So they made a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting back ground and then white icing tinted for their decorations. They decided to make "Best Friends Cake" and this is how, ha ha. My niece made a jar of PeanutButter on her cake and labeled it "best" while Skylar did the Jelly and labeled it "friends" . They even gave the jars personality! I think this was exceptionally cute and creative! Way to go girls!!
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