Friday, June 3, 2011

Rainbow Cake

For Skylar's Celebration, she said she wanted a Rainbow Cake. I had never done this before, but thought it'd be really cute so I gave it a go. Here was the steps I took and our outcome!

Step1: choose your top 6 food colors.

Step2: Choose your favorite white cake recipe (I was easy and used boxed!)
Step3: If you choose boxed, you will need 3 boxes. if you are making homemade, keep this in mind to alter your recipe!
Step4: Make you batter

Step5: divide into 2 bowls (1 box makes 2 9" rounds, you may need to adjust your homemade recipe accordingly)
Step6: add your food color

Step7: Once it's mixed well, pour into cake pan and bake

Step8: Bake all 6 cakes and let cool. (I allowed them to cool overnight)
Step9: Shave the rounded tops down with serrated knife so they layer easier

Step9: Choose your fav white frosting. You will need 4 cans if you choose store bought. (as you see here I only bought 3 thinking it'd be enough. It wasn't)

Step10: frost the layers between and outside, as you can see I was out of frosting and didn't get the coverage I wanted

Step11: (hopefully you won't need this step) Thankfully discover you have an extra can of frosting and recover the outside of the cake! HAHA


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  1. Love it! Thanks so much for sharing and linking up with me!

    Pink and Green Mama


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