Monday, July 4, 2011

Shoes make me happy

I got 4 pairs of shoes in the mail. What better way for a girl to start her day?! My good friend was cleaning out her shoe closet and we are the same size. Free heels??? YES PLEASE. I just adore the lil peep toe shoes, while Sebastian prefers to stumble around in some crazy high stilettos. What? I allow my boy to wear heels??? Uh, yeah. he's 20 months and loves playing in shoes, and no I don't think it will *damage* him. Don't get me started on stereotypes. This is happy day! (I'll battle in a boy in heels debate later, ha ha jk)
So now I have my shoes...just need a place to wear them to.....

(btw, I also received New Balance gym shoes but were wearing them and forgot a pic! LOL)

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