Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sensory Boxes w/animals

Today I got out his old sensory box, aka a container full of blue rice. I added some more rice (that I dyed green) and 6 of Skylar's Schleich animals. I hid them inside and he had to find them. He had such fun. I think this was his favorite time. It was so cute he'd be all "PIG!!! Are you??" (yeah he doesn't add the *where* haha), then if he found a different animal than the one he had called for he's say "No, turtle!" and shove him back in and continue the pig hunt, aha sooo much fun. This is another time he played with the box and here too.
I won't do any more commentary and let the pics do the talking, haha


  1. How cute! I worked at a child development center for about 3 years and we would do this all the time. I never thought about how it's something that can be done at home.

    What a cutie pie, by the way!


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