Monday, July 1, 2013

June Newbie: Grammas Pizza

 Last week, when going to the drive in, we stopped off at Grammas Pizza.  We thought it would be a great "something new" to try.
The restaurant was very small, in a quaint cozy sort of way. I got it to go, so I got to check out the ambience while they made it.
I ordered two of their $7.95 one topping pizza specials. Total was nearly $20. Doesn't add up? Well that's because they consider "cheese" a topping. Therefore my extra cheese pizza contained TWO toppings. The pepperoni? Yup, two toppings cuz it contained cheese as well. That was really strange to me.I had never heard of that before.
Once we got to the drive in, I opened the box and wow! Lots of cheese (woot woot!!) And a buttery garlicky crust, also the perfect amount of sauce.

Worth the extra topping price?? Oh yeah! Heck yeah! The pizza was AMAZING!
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