Wednesday, July 27, 2011

3 Questions 4 Thursday (7/28/11)

(once again, doing the 3 question thing with another blog I read.)
1. What makes you smile?
Very simply, my children. My family.  Other things that make me smile are: my son singing and dancing, my daughter's ability to talk endlessly about animals, a great photo, logging online and it working with no issues, Volcano Taco w/extra lava sauce &cheesy nachos w/added Lava sauce from Taco Bell (yeah I have been seriously in love with that lately) planning (planning parties mostly, but I just love planning stuff, lol)

2. What do you want most?
a healthy and happy family

3. What three questions do you wish you knew the answers to?
What are this weeks winning lotto numbers?
Will I get to sleep today?
Why does my baby have to be sick?


  1. Thanks for linking up. Glad to have you.

    I am not sure what a volcano taco is but I think I am going to find out...pretty sure it will make me smile too. :-)

  2. Volcano Taco($1.39) are from Taco Bell, the shell is red and it has Lava sauce on it, then order a side of cheesy nachos (89cents!)ask them to add Lava sauce from the tacos on it too (30cents) and you have a cheap UBER yummy meal!!


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