Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows part2

Sad face, it's the end of an era. OK so my dork will show a lot in this post but I have to blog about it!
I went to see the final chapter of the Harry Potter movies. Like I did for every one of them, I preordered my tickets and stood in line for hours so I could see that midnight showing.  There is nothing like a Harry Potter Premiere crowd. I have been to other Midnight premiere and the HP fans are by far the best. They are fun, sweet and basically just the nicest group of dorks ever. I am proud to be a part of such an elite group, ha ha.
We arrived at 4pm to be sure we were first in line. Our theater had it playing on all 14 screens, but when we saw 2 girls there first I admit, I was a bit sad. We had never NOT been first in line. This bucked tradition, but alas they were not for room 9, like we were. So therefor, we were still first for our theater! WOOT.
After standing line until about 10pm (yes standing, it is a fire hazard to sit) we got a HUGE bonus. Turns out  a couple had purchased Lux Level tickets (which are for 21 and over and has special seating and other perks) and weren't 21. Manager asked me and hubby if we wanted to do an even exchange and sit in the Lux Level. Uhhh, yes please! So cool! We finished the HP movies in style, ha ha.
oh and just so you know. My niece (16) watched Skylar. We were in the same theater, just in the balcony while they sat in regular seats, and my mom watched Sebastian in the lobby while he slept in the stroller. It was a really nice arrangement and we all agreed we need to do it again sometime. Kinda like me and hubby were on a mini date, ha ha. I didn't have to freak because I missed the kids since they were still nearby, but at the same time we had some *us* time. It was nice.
Here are a few pics of our night, including the fun *Trolley* that rolled around passing out snacks.

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  1. That is so awesome. I am so glad I am not the only Harry Potter freak out there! :)


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