Monday, August 15, 2011

Letting them go, so I can go left.

My friend Hillary has several blogs and they are all fabulous. One in particular is the one I'm going to refer to now. It is called Thinking Out Loud. She has been posting a lot of quotes lately. I have been having a tough time in my personal life and some of these quotes have really helped me. One entry I can relate with so much right now, I feel I could write it myself. Instead I will copy and paste her entry in red because seriously she has completely NAILED how I feel right now.
Let them Go

I've been learning some interesting things about myself and I gotta say, it's making it a lot more difficult to move on and accept things the way they are.

There is a very small handful of others who have a place in my heart, who are great inspirations to me, who give me a reason to smile and who teach me new lessons in optimism and love.
What I need to work on now and figure out is how to let people go
another quote she had was this:
I feel as if everything is crumbling around me and I am left standing to pick up the pieces. Feels like nothing is going I am going to go Left.

Life is what you make it. People can only truly affect you if you give them the permission. Life isn't always pretty and shiny. Things may be hard right now, but I have 2 perfect children and 1 on the way, so something IS going right. It's time to hold my head high and release all the negative energies I am feeling. Things are going to start looking up and I have to be in attendance waiting for God's Grace. I can't be off feeling sorry for myself. This chapter is done and time to start a new one.


  1. I like the post. I also like the saying remember to breathe.

  2. Yes, Rachel that is a good one!

  3. I love Hillary's quotes. They always hit the nail on the head! It's always much easier to look at the bad than the good because the bad stuff casts a shadow on the good. Keep that positive attitude! :o)


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