Saturday, July 23, 2011

3 tidbits about ME

A few questions I thought I would share:
(btw this idea was from another blog I read/follow)
What do I love?
I love typing in the color pink
I love my family

I love CakePops!! ha ha
I love chocolate
I love to take photos although I am not very good
I love to craft
I love seeing the moment something "clicks" in my children's mind when they GET IT
I love to cuddle
I love to travel
I love to blog (DUH< LOL)
I love the group of ladies I met in my baby group!
I love having the last word (yep I'm cool with admitting it, lol)
I love life
I love NOT being home
I would love to go on forever,. LOL but I'll stop now and move on

What makes me uncomfortable?
Getting my photo taken. I do not like it. I really have low self esteem and am in very few pics. I really hate for people to wait for me. This rarely ever happens. I think early is on time and on time is actually late, so i try to be early for everything so no one has to wait for me. That makes me extremely uncomfortable.
What do I think about as I lay in bed awake at night?
uh...everything! Being an insomniac since the age of 14 will leave you with plenty of nighttime thinking. This week it has been what I would do with lottery winnings. Last week it was if I could rewind my life to a starting point and relive that experience, what would I choose and why. Haha , yep I am a weird one!

so there ya have it! A few tidbits about me. Wanna answer these too?


  1. I love these, both reading them and answering them myself! I might be stealing this from you. :-) I also love taking photos, we recently got a new camera and it makes me feel like a pro haha! Now I just need something to take pictures of.

  2. steal away, and post the link when you do! I'd love to read it but I'd probably read it anyway since I love your blog, lol. but posting the link just may get you a new reader!!

    I think you have a lil something brewing to take fabu pics of!!

  3. Ahhh you just brought the biggest smile to my face with "I think you have a lil something brewing to take fabu pics of!!"

    Should I post the link here? I'm so new to blogging lol.

  4. Yes!! Post it here! and I can't help it, I am rediculously excited for you! haha


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