Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jul25, 11 MM (Black Magic)

So today we decided to try a little something called Black Magic.
The cheapest and easiest craft ever! My toddler adored it and it even made my 9 year emit an audible "ooohhh". What more could you ask for?
Supplies are super simple, instructions couldn't be easier.
So what is this magic you ask?
A black crayon, black paper, water and a paintbrush.
yeah, that's it!
Simply have the kid draw on their construction paper with their black crayon. I told them ahead of time, it may be hard to see, but be patient. Sebastian was confused by this, and said "it's broke. new one?" as his markings didn't quite show. I urged him to scribble a bit more. Skylar drew her picture.
Next I had them paint over it using water. As the water hit the crayon marks they instantly highlighted them, causing Skylar to "ooohh". Sebastian was pretty impressed to. "not broke!" he exclaimed. Haha
I took photos, and will post them but to be honest, it doesn't show up as neat as it did in real life.
Skylar was so enthralled she tried again with another matched items. Purple paper and purple crayon, green on green, etc. LOL very fun!

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