Saturday, June 30, 2012

Think Pink


Skylar's New Summer Hair
Note the scared expression in the 1st pic? LOL
She was certain the bleach would burn her like crazy.
(it didn't)
Skylar had been begging for a fun hair color for as long as I could remember. But she is 10! So I was having a hard time allowing her to just do it.
Finally, yesterday while out she brought me a boxed kit and asked AGAIN. I was just like "ok, sure, whatever". I have been every color of the rainbow, and already explained to her multiple times all the things she would have to endure by starting this process over and over again. She still wanted to do it. Had I thought it through, I would have managed the day/time differently to devote more one on one time with just her, instead of juggling the younger two kids as well. Also, I would have factored in how insanely thick her hair is and purchased 2 kits instead of one... which is why we ran out, oi. Oh, and another thign I would have considered would be the fact she is about to get her picture taken with her siblings. My 1st photo of all 3 together. Yeah, haha.
Here are the rest of the pics of the process.

First we had to bleach it. The bleach stayed on for about 30minutes,
Again, we ran out, so I was unable to bleach her entire head. She ended up with lots of hair that didnt have enough bleach.After we rinsed the bleach out and it dried:(Personally, I liked it at this stage, haha)

Next came her choice of color: Pink. Oh but not just any pink. She wanted as bright as we could get it This also had to sit 30 minutes

The End Result! She is in total LOVE with all her colors, haha

Friday, June 29, 2012

Sophie's Chair

Ok, I admit I have a real hard time sitting Sophie down. Nearly all her home pics are in her carseat cuz I'll take pics before we leave or as soon as we get home. Sadly, though, there are times when I will sit her in her chair while I make a bottle or what have you. Slowly she began to actually enjoy the toy bar on her chair! Now I dont feel as guilty if I have to sit her down for 5-10minutes. But, you know me, I still scoop her up as soon as possible, :)

Hmm, wonder if I smack that?

hehehe that sounds like a swell idea

take that!

Hahahaa it makes noise! cool!

Yes, it's ok to be jealous. My chair rocks

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Drive-In

So, is it really summer break without a trip to a drive-in? Sadly I don't have one in my state, but I adore the drive-in, so it's worth crossing state lines for. I honestly wished I lived back in the days when a typical weekend included a trip to the "soda shoppe" and a drive-in movie, haha. (aka, the 50s) Funny enough when we were driving here, I saw they have a new (well new to me, I'd never seen it before) restaurant that screams 1950s. I think checking that place out is in order.
The Drive-In now costs $8/adult and $4/child (aged 4-11). Not bad for 2movies! It cost my family $20, oh and some gas money haha. If you bring outside food you are charged a $5cooler fee. (This was new btw, I never had to pay this fee before, but I hadn't been in over a year) BUT with my cooler fee I was given a $2off coupon on the large popcorn.  Featured movies were Brave and Advengers.
They also have a playground for kids to wear themselves out before the movie.
Swinging w/her cousin

Sebastian and Daddy headed to the slides

He loved this slide and said he had to go down it "five more times" :P


The Playground

Sophie's 1st time sliding

Some of the kids in the van getting ready for the movies

Do you got to a Drive-in? Are you like me and wish there were more of them?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mini Road Trip

Today was a rare treat for the monsters. We went on a mini road trip! Hubby was in the mood for some chicken. OK, easy enough there are KFC's all over. Well he decided to do something different and go to a KFC over an hour away. So unlike him. He is very predictable, aka Boring, haha. This is right up my alley though and wish we could do things like this more often.
After we ate, we made a few other small stops making our day out lasting about 5 hours. It was really nice, and I highly would recommend doing this any time you get the chance. Hopefully Hubby enjoyed himself enough to repeat something like this soon!


Some on the road "energy" :)

Yes, they like it too

But be warned if you "caff-up" the monsters. You get this, hahaha

Saturday, June 23, 2012


I'm sure most, if not all, of you have played with B'loonies at one point or another in your life. I haven't seen them in years! While at the grocery store the other day, I stumbled across them and thought "My monsters would love these!" I was completely right! Maybe too right, because they actually argued over them. Neither of the older 2 seemed to be able to master blowing them up, so I had to blow them. Skylar wanted to play with them while Sebastian loved popping them. So fun times ensued, haha. I couldn't blow them fast enough. I only got a small pack unsure of how well they'd go over.... well, yeah. I need to buy more and quickly!
IMPORTANT!!!!*If allowing a small child to play with these, please supervise. They are labeled as 6+ and can be a choking hazard.
Here are some pics, of course!

4 little tubes and a straw
The idea was to show Sebastian how 2 colors make another color when mixed. He wasn't interested in all that, so we just played, :)

You add the goo to the tip of a straw
Then you blow...

Sebastian struggled so he had me blow them up.

He loved how they were "touchable bubbles" as he called them
Skylar convinced him to toss one in the air
He loved the bigger ones best

But popping them was his favorite part! :)


Friday, June 22, 2012

Father's Day Gift

Father's Day came again... hmmm, what to do? I know! He loves asking to have his back scratched, etc so I have the perfect thing! I saw this t-shirt idea a long time ago in a magazine. It'd be perfect for my hubby.
Skylar drew a road on the back of one of hubby's t-shirts. Sebastian and Skylar colored a card. They wrapped it up w/some hot wheels and wah-la! Best part? Driving on Daddy's back..which was the real gift, haha. If any of you have had a child drive their car on you, you will understand how fun this is! Here's some pics!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cupcake Time!

Skylar, Sebastian, and their cousin Cassie decided to make some cupcakes. As usual, we do boxed mix and canned frosting. This time was Devil's Food and vanilla frosting. They had a blast!

Color Me Mine Results

For those that read our Staycation events, you will remember Skylar's choice was Color Me Mine. After a week, you go back and pick up your finished pieces. I was very happy with how ours turned out!
Skylar's gecko

Sophia's footprint

Sebastian's tile
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