Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sophie's 4Month CheckUP (@4mon.3weeks)

So Miss Sophie was FINALLY able to get her 4month checkup. Her pedi was super booked up and scheduled her for it way to close to her turning 5months in my opinion. Anyhoo, this little lady is growing like a weed!

WEIGHT: 15lbs (60%)
LENGTH: 26.5" (95%)
Got 3 shots, but got a great report. Pedi was very impressed at how she lifted up completely when placed on her tummy, and how very little assistance she needed to sit. She also can stand holding onto people or furniture, etc. Yes, I am a typical mommy and my child is the best! :P
She is growing amazingly and I just love her to pieces.

Friday, August 17, 2012

My 5th Grader!!!


Skylar is in 5th grade!!!
She is growing up so fast.
Hope you have a wonderful year kiddo!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tales From a Baby Critic..AVOCADO

At 4months, 1week, 1day Miss Sophie had her 1st solid. I decided I would do avocados. Neither of my other 2 monsters had tried this, so I was a bit nervous as to how it would pan out. They were both standard cereal eaters as their first food.
Sophie's ped appointment isn't until Aug22nd, and I "knew" she was ready, so I went for it sans "approval". OH the horror!! Haha. Sophie has hit all the typical "milestones" so I knew it was ok.
So, without further ado, here is how she handled her 1st food.

Big brother giving some encouragement

"Hmm, this look pretty cool"

"hey mommy, hurry up and smash that thing!"

"still thick and chunky for a first food, but I'll give it a go"

"eh, it'll do"

"ok, I'll try it again"

"OH SNAP! That is great!! More please!!"

Note the red spoon. She ate about an entire spoonful and then followed it up with 4oz of formula. All in all, I'd say Avocados=HIT

PMM: 3D Hand Art

My 1st PMM is this really cool drawing. I saw this one here.  It's really simple, and could be done really amazing if you took your time, unlike us, haha. Basically you trace your hand, then make a straight line leading up to the hand and create a "bump" and as soon as you are done with the bump part, make the remainder of the line straight. Color it in alternating colors to create a better effect.
We did this during a storm, and the lights kept flickering off and on so it became a rushed project, haha, but still I think it turned out pretty cool.

Sebastian tracing his hand
Doodling on one of Skylar's "tries"

Sebastian's Hand all done
My hand all done

(btw, Skylar refused to finish hers cuz it didn't turn out good enough, in HER opinion)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Pinners Made Me Do It

I am going to start a new segment of this lovely blog called PMM aka Pinners Made Me. I know there is a new craze in the internet world called Pinterest but I next to never "pin". I have lots of friends that "pin" however, and I do follow them and check out their boards quite frequently.
I see a ton of things (such as crafts/recipes) that I want to try out, hence this lovely new segment to my blog.
So from now on when you see PMM in the title, you will know this is something I found on Pintrest and wanted to try! Hope you enjoy!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"Tell me about the train place"

Today is Aug 1 and this is all I have heard from Sebastian since July 23rd. Doesn't sound like a long time? Well I assure you, it is. Not to sound harsh but it can get frustrating when that's the only thing he says. "Tell me about the train place". All day, every day. Haha, gotta love his enthusiasm I guess.

So, what is the train place and why has the 23rd made that all he can talk about?
It is called EnterTRAINment Junction and I made the wise decision to take my monsters there. We went during the Christmas in July event, which includes a visit to Santa in the "North Pole". The "train place" is absolutely adorable. It features 25,000 feet of track making it the largest indoor train display EVER! In the middle of the train display, you can take a break with younger kids and visit the playland they named "Imagination Junction". Then continue on to the self guided train tour.
They also offer the A-Maze-ing Funhouse, which is basically several hallways with various "funhouse" things. We made the mistake of doing one with lots of loud sounds/air blowing/and strobe lights as our first stop. Novice mistake. Now we know better, haha. Sebastian nor Skylar was digging that one. Skylar, being older, was able to recover and enjoy the rest of the funhouse. Sebastian, however, was d.o.n.e. He no longer has interest in ANY of the rest after that.
But oddly enough, now he wants to hear about that hall, as well as everything else, over and over. And over again.

Now he wants to go back. Skylar does as well, even the hubby enjoyed himself, which is weird cuz outside movies, he doesn't really like anything. So I see us going back soon... ok, well I hope, haha.

Few things I'd like to mention if you go:
*The cafe is overpriced, like most places like this. We simply grabbed a pretzel and Diet Coke (Skylar and Sebastian shared, and I got my own. Hubby didn't want anything, until he stole my drink..typical)
*The train display exit door shoots you directly into the gift shop.  Pretty genius on their part, i have to admit
*MOST IMPORTANT: If you have a crazy toddler like me: prepare to hear the title of the post... A LOT. :P

I do have to say thought, it is really a lot of fun, hopefully y'all can go and enjoy it with your family!
And as usual, here are some photos for your viewing pleasure!

Train display starts off with really old school trains and gets more modern as you go. Very neat.

One of Skylar's favorite displays

Time to see Santa!

Kiddos at the "North Pole"

Telling Santa what they want

Can YOU get the gold key?

Fiber optics galore, lol

Vortex tunnel was probably my favorite.

Maze of Mirrors

This was like mirror maze, only with curtains. you had to find your way out.

Is this the right way?

Clown College. Skylar LOVED this room

Playland, but Sebastian was far too tired to play.

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