Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life as a SAHM

So here is a lil piece of my life. Who says stay at home moms have no life?

9am>wakeup (ooh goody got to sleep in, oh yeah!!)
Between wakeup and my lil monster's nap, the following occurs:
*Make breakfast for the kids, cleanup the dishes as they eat.
* Straighten up kitchen, all dishes washed (by hand I have no dishwasher) cleanup the table, feed the bottomless pit of a kitten we have, AGAIN, sweep the floor, unclutter the ever cluttered table. Yes, my house is the one where people think the table is a catch all. No, it's not, it is a table! lol
* reassure my daughter that it's OK to lose another tooth, (I had to be Dentist mommy and pull out her took-a K9- the previous day) and that she was still in the loosing a tooth phase and not too old. 
* Play with Sebastian, this could be anything. Today's agenda was Legos, books, and drawing. Typical
* Address my husbands boo-boo. He got bit by something while working on the car and it got infected so I play Dr.Wife, and there wasn't anything remotely *fun* about caring for the mess that was on his calf.
* Convince Sebastian it's 12:30 and time to go lay down with Daddy. he refused. I give him extra snuggles and take note, he is looking *off* and acting differently. Chalk it up to the heat and how he was in it the previous day
Naptime Begins:1pm
* Go online to check emails and have some "Mommy Time"
Naptime Over: 1:30pm
*think "Ok that was way short lived"
*go downstairs and greet my beautiful guy and ask if he's ready for lunch. He agrees and so lunchtime begins. I make him and Skylar some lunch. She eats and he doesn't. Not really anyway. 1/2 a banana and his cuppy of milk
*This time I eat lunch as well since I got no breakfast.
*after lunch is time we decided to do an art project
*then it's cleanup time for mommy from both the art project and lunchtime. Skylar and I both play with Sebastian for a while.
*Time for grocery shopping. get to the store, shop, come home put groceries away and start dinner
*dinner was great and even Sebastian ate. FINALLY! My lil piggie had eaten right and hadn't been fully himself all day.
After dinner is bath time routines for both children, then bedtime for Sebastian and Room time for Skylar.
(during summer, she has no bedtime, but she has to be quiet in her room at 9:30)
9pm-9:45pm> convincing Sebastian to go to sleep. (why is it fighting this all day)
10pm> both kids asleep!!
* go cleaup kitchen from dinner dishes, mess
*come up here, try to get online, but nope. No Internet. What now? I call tech support and after an hour of running test after test, they deem my area to be having a shortage! Grrr, I wanna blog!! haha
*go downstairs
Midnight> I hear a lil voice
* I go in my room and Sebastian is laying on my bed watching cartoons!! I asked him what was up and he said "belly's warm" but didn't feel warm at all. I just laid next to him and we watched a lil cartoons. (btw Hubby was there too, yes we still co-sleep! lol) Sebastian was all cute and smiley, but I told him to go back to sleep and he agreed. (that was easy)
hubby yells "Get in here!!" so i run in to find Sebastian sitting in bed in a puddle of throw up. Hubby was covered as well. I asked if he was ok, and Sebastian said "puke". I said "do you need to puke again?" and he said "yes" So i lifted his lil arm and another huge wave came out. My poor baby!! I have never seen a child throw up so much. He's so small! Once he looked at me and said "done" I finally breathed a sigh of relief. Then he looks down and said "ewww mommy, mess. Need a towel" hahah oh goodness!
1am> Re-bathe Sebastian
*so I gave him a bath, checked his temp (99-not bad) while Jeff cleaned himself and our bed. The bed took quite a while.
2:45am> Lights out, time to sleep


  1. Love the blog!
    I found ya from Bloggin Mommas on Baby Center!

  2. Wow. What a day! I can't believe you still co-sleep. My LO would never go to sleep and would keep me up all night with her rolling and poking. Glad you still enjoy it! :)

  3. LOL, yes it was hectic!
    Hubby is more pro co-sleeping than I am to be honest. I love him there, don't get me wrong, but It'd be nice to stretch out once in a while, HAHAH


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