Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mommy, I threw it on the floor

I heard this come from my 9 year old daughter today. She came in to tell me that she was drawing a picture, didn't like it, so she crumbled it up and threw it on the floor. I stared at her in wonder. What exactly was she wanting me to do? Go pick it up for her? Yell at her? I shook my head and said "well pick it up and throw it away" She looked upset. Here's the rest of our conversation:
Skylar: "that's all? you aren't going to yell at me?"
I answered "why do you think I would yell? Is that what I do?"
 Skylar "No, but it's wrong to just through something on the floor like that"
Me: "so why did you do it?"
Skylar: "I don't know..."
Me:"well are you going to throw anything else on the floor?"
Skylar:"No, mommy. i promise."
Me:"OK, so go pick it up and throw it away"

Odd? Not really. This is pretty common. Skylar has been telling on herself since she could talk. I am not a huge disciplinarian. At least not yet, lol, I haven't had to be. Skylar is a great kid and never really gets into trouble. She gets a little snappy and might have me get to the "Go to your room and calm down" point but that's about the worst of it. I think kids of all ages need structure and discipline and I truly think they thrive on it.  To be honest, I think i will be saddened by her outgrowing her telling on herself, haha
So the rest of the event went like this:
Skylar went to her room and I went back to playing Poponz w/Sebastian. He took a drink from his cuppy and then slung it across the room. HUH? Then he looks at me and smiles and says "mommy, I threw it on floor".....oi


  1. I just love kids! I was going to tell you to write this stuff down so you don't forget it... but I guess that's what you're already doing! LOL

  2. LOL true. I do kinda keep this as my journal. hha a public online everyone can read it journal, but journal nonetheless :P


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