Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Crafts!

Today we did some Christmas Crafts. They were fun and kept the kids entertained for quite a while. I mainly did this to calm down my cranky napless monster, but Skylar got involved and it became loads of fun, which crafts should be!
First up was Sebastian's Hand wreath. I traced his hand once and then used it as a template to create a bunch of hands. Next I taped them in a circle-ish shape. I cut out a purple bow and had him tape it on. Next I rough cutted some red dots and he tapped those on as well. Super cute!
While we did that, Skylar created what she called "Christmas Shadows". I loved this!! Very creative and unique. Can you spot the various shapes she made?
Finally they both made cotton ball snowmen. I cut out Sebastian's eyes, hat, and nose. Then put glue where the body should go and told him to add the cotton to the glue. He did very well at this! I, then added glue to the other pieces and asked him where they went and he added those as well. These monsters are SO creative!! Love them!
Here's a few pics of creating the snowman.

Lunch w/Santa

Today we had lunch with Santa at our community building. I was able to convince
both children to get a picture w/Santa!! Yay
Sebastian told him he wanted a vacuum or a lawnmower, and Skylar said she didn't care what he brought. She just smiled and said "anything is fine". Haha, she's fun.

Monday, December 19, 2011

PJ Party

Today was Skylar's school's Christmas Party. They got to wear their PJs. Skylar was very excited and wanted her and Sebastian to both wear a sleeper, haha.
They made cards, decorated cookies and watched a movie. It was a really cute event.
Here are a few photos:
Waiting for his supplies

Making a card, he used an entire sheet of sickers!

Time to decorate a cookie!

Making it perfect

a little more detail...

Skylar's finished cookie

He bit into his before I got a pic, lol

My 2 beauties!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Donuts with "Christmas"

 Today was the yearly fundraiser my daughter's school's PTO does. It's a Donuts w/Santa morning. It's $4/person and you get pics w/Santa, donuts, craft, and your choice of hot chocolate, coffee, milk or juice. They do this every year but this was our first time attending. Skylar had never been interested, but I thought Sebastian might like it this year.
Sebastian (who calls Santa  "Christmas") did not want to sit on his lap. He told him "No, no lap Christmas. But I want a vacuum." So Santa offered to kneel by him on the floor. Sebastian was fine with that, and chatted with him for a few minutes. This was an amazing Santa. He did wonderful with the kids.
Daddy came to this event as well. I was amazed because he usually refuses things like this. He sat down, ate, and even crafted with the kids! I loved it. I think this was the first time Sebastian did crafts w/daddy.
Skylar had fun too, but didn't want to go near Santa at all. She is so big, ya know? HAHA.
After we left here we finished up some more shopping. This time of year is simply too much fun!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mommy's Lil Helper

(I am skipping November, haha. There are plenty of cute pics that I would love to share, but I think I'm just going to jump right back into December.)
So, Sebastian is the best lil helper, as long as it isn't his mess he is cleaning. He wants no part in picking up his toys, so that continues to be somewhat of a battle. When it comes to dishes, dusting, sweeping, etc, however, he is all over it! Here is my adorable monster helping out MawMaw with her dishes.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011



Skylar made up this devil costume. Sebastian was Chucky! I think they both looked SO adorable...but I may be bias, lol
Here are a few more pics.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!!

So in another attempt to catchup on my fav events I didn't get to blog about, I bring you the pumpkin patch pics! We go to this same farm every year, and I swear I love it more each trip. Just think, next year I'll have a new lil one with me!! Here are some photos! As usual, don't be shy and let me hear(read) your comments!!

My Monster Turns 2

Happy 2nd birthday


His sister did the gumpaste animals!!

Photo Corner: this was well loved by the children!

He loved his new broom and was helping cleanup the hay!
I won't post too much commentary, as I am trying to play catchup on this blog, haha. But if you have any questions at all, please ask!!!
His theme, as most of you know was BarnYarn. I have oodles of pics, of course but grabbed a few for the update. His whole weekend was spent having fun. We capped it off with a trip to ChuckEcheese as well!
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