Sunday, July 24, 2011

Techno Craze

Have you ever realized just how much we need technology in our life? Ok, now take away things we need and think about the things we use as pleasure. Is all this really important?
I have at least 1 TV in my house going at basically all hours. My daughter finds herself either glued to her DSi or the computer for several hours every single day...ok not everyday but it certainly feels that way!
Does technology monopolize your life? Honestly, I do think we are not as bad as some people I know. I do have rules. My rules are simple and so far have been followed quite nicely with no complaining.
Now, if the weather allows this is not an issue, because my daughter would be outside running around, BUT unfortunately it has been triple digits lately and we have been spending a lot of time indoors.
She reads everyday practically. her summer goal was 35 hours and she has already reached that and she doesn't go back to school until Aug 17th, so I am quite proud of that actually.
She must do *something* educational if she wants to earn computer/DSi time.
Example: Say she wants an hour online. Ok, fine, but 15 minutes must be spent on an educational site. She knows plenty of them and one only allows you to play one game of your subject choice and it's approximately 15 minutes long. Typically she will play that and then move on to more fun activities. Oh and btw, I found this cool Kid Friendly Browser, so she just clicks that icon instead of IE when logging on and she can have free Internet rein. It will only allow her to go to age appropriate sites! Bonus! haha
But that is pretty much it. She is a great kid, and so far at 9, she couldn't care less about the bigger badder video games, cells, texting, etc (which to me is amazing because all her friends rave about their cells, Wiis, etc etc). So far she is happy with an hour or two online, some DSi action, a craft, and a good book. My daughter is simple. Now the goal is to keep her that way! HA wish me luck!!
As for me, I am fairly simple as well. I rarely talk on the phone unless I am scheduling something. I am online a lot, but I take advantage of nighttime. Everyone is asleep and insomnia has me developing an obsession as a Blogger. :P
So tell me, how is technology is your world?


  1. Just in case your daughter gets sick of any of her educational websites, here's a big list of them that my school uses. They vary from kdg-5th grade levels BUT there is something for every subject.

  2. Aww that is very sweet!! thank you!! I will totally have her look into this! You rock!

  3. No problem! I hope she finds some good stuff ;-)


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