Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jul 20, 2011 part 2 (craft time)

So today's craft was kinda impromptu and I didn't exactly have the right supplies, but we went with it!
We did stained glass photos using tissue and construction papers. Skylar made a fish, Sebastian did a flower, and then Skylar went back and made a quick octopus! LOL, loads of fun! here's the pics!
I drew Sebastian's flower, while Skylar drew her own fish.
Just draw whatever design you want and then redraw it inside itself creating a border

Next cut out your designs and you are ready to go!

(side note, my mom was here and kept holding his glass afraid he'd drop it on the floor while I took pics, haha)
Next you lay your "Pretty Side" (no pencil marks) face down. Then cut tissue paper into squares. For the adhesive paint, I just mixed together Elmer's glue and a little bit of water.
You will paint the entire design and layer it with the tissue paper. Be sure to overlap and cover your entire design

Allow to lay flat and dry. This took several hours, unfortunately.
But when it's dry you trim the excess tissue paper and flip over.

The final result is beautiful and ready to be hung!!

I do see us making these again, but I will try to have cuter tissue paper available, lol.
to see Part one of Jul20, 11 click here and you can see the cakepops we made, including my attempt at a Mickey one!!

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