Monday, January 28, 2013

Super Nanny: Book Review

 SuperNanny by: Jo Frost

 Loved this. If you watch the show, you have visually read the book. It is pretty much all about hit tv series. It's written in a question/answer format. Viewers from the show sent multiple questions, so she compiled them all into a book.
*We have used her "Time Out Technique" for years in this home, and with a problematic little boy, I must admit it is just now starting to work. But he has a lot of mental issues, so any progress is HUGE to us.
I LOVE Nanny Jo-Jo!!

13 Reasons Why: Book Review

Thirteen R3ASONS Why by: Jay Asher

 This was a good book to start with. It's a nice easy read to get me back into reading.
Very sad story about a girl who kills herself and leaves audiotapes to explain her reasons why she did it. The tapes get passed from person to person explaining their role in Hannah's suicide.
You get to follow Clay on his journey to discovering his part in her story

Friday, January 25, 2013

Jan: Popeyes Chicken Review

For the month of January my new place was Popeyes Chicken.
We have had a couple of these in our area for a while now but never go there. Don't ask me why cuz I have no clue.
I would like to say the location of this particular one was not ideal, lol, but it was doable, obviously. Once inside you are greeted with country music, so don't say I didn't warn you haha. I, personally, don't mind as I was raised by a single mom that ADORES country music.
Popeyes is known for Cajun seasoning, but I ordered mild and it was not spicy at all. The Cajun fries had a lil kick but in a good way. My 3 year old loved them. Hubby got Cajun and said it had a lil more kick than the fries but wasn't "hot" at all. (not sure how reliable he would be though as he's a total "Hothead")
The actual food was great but they were out of ranch, which was sad for me. It's my go to dip for everything, which I should work on cuz it's super bad for you. But then I really messed up. I ordered Honey Mustard (which I typically really enjoy)Uh NO, no way, don't do it. It taste gross. Like horseradish and mustard had a baby that they coated in honey. EW.So needless to say I had no condiments. I had forgotten to request anything for my biscuit. And you know what? That is OK. The biscuits are so rich and buttery and just perfection. They did not need anything!

So for hubby, myself and Sebastian it was just under $24.00 (That's hubby and me each a combo and a kids meal)
Final Verdict: Major Win!! Hubby even said he preferred over KFC, Which is huge cuz he is obsessed with KFC.
Here is the website if you are interested:

Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 Reading List

No, this is not a "Resolution" or anything. I just want to start reading again. I used to be a major bookworm and just never read for fun anymore (Well I mean Dr.Seuss is amazingly fun, but I would like to step outside the preschool age a "tad" lol). I miss it AND I tend to think if kids seeing you read it shows reading in a much better light, ya know?
Here is my "Reading List". I will add books in red and once I have read then I will turn them purple. Who knows? I may even give a little tidbit on what I thought of the book.

Reading List
1) Pride and Prejudice by: Jane Austen
 2) The Last Song by:Nicholas Sparks
 3) Your Best Life Now by:Joel Osteen
4) Thirteen R3ASONS Why by: Jay Asher
 5) Ana's Story; A Story of Hope by: Jenna Bush
 6) Back When We Were Grownups by:Anne Tyler> I just couldn't get into this book. It was just not interesting, very slow.
 7) A Lion Among Men by: Gregory Maguire
 8) Son of a Witch by:Gregory Maguire
 9) Out of Oz by: Gregory Maguire
10) Perks of Being a Wallflower by: Stephen Chbosky
11) The Casual Vacancy by: JK Rowling
12) PS. I Made This by: Erica Domesek
13) Dirty Little Secrets from otherwise perfect moms by: Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile
14) 50 Rules Kids Won't Learn in School by: Charles J. Skyes
15) Mammarazzi by: Stacy Wasmuth
16) The Illustrated Timeline of Religon by:Laura Smith
17) Redemption Series by:Karen Kingsbury (this is a set of 5, I'll post as I read them)
18) Between Sundays by: Karen Kingsbury
19) Understanding Exposure; 3rd edition by: Bryon Peterson
20) SuperNanny by: Jo Frost

*These are in no certain order, and I will add to them as I either think of them or am given a suggestion. The first 9 in this list are simply random books I saw laying around my house.
*OK, my weirdo organizing brain is taking over and I want to add a little color code to this. I doubt anyone is reading my nonsense so it's all good :P

Red Books= Added to my list to read
Mustard Books= Books I hope to find as I already checked and my library doesn't have them. I will delete these and any others I do not read at the end of the year, thus only displaying my completed list.
Purple Books= Already Read/click to read my review
Green Books= Currently Reading
Black Books= Started but could not even finish because I didn't like it
(I really hope I don't have any blue books)

Miss Sophie is 9 Months Old!

Here is my adorable baby girl! Yes, I'm obsessed with her :)
4 teeth (now 5)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Resolutions!

1) This one is hopefully going to be easy. I want to visit a new place each month. A new restaurant, a new anything really. Just something new each month.
2) this one will probably be more of a challenge. Daily photo. Get to know my camera a bit more (maybe learn a lil manual?? eek)  but snap something every single day!

And that's it! Wish me luck. Are you doing a resolution? I'd love to hear about it!

ETA: I totally decided the 2nd one isn't "me".. I stopped on like Jan 4th lol. It was something I wanted to do with a friend but we both just bombed it haha
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