Friday, November 29, 2013

Advent Calendar 2013!!

This year we decided to go with a "drawered" unit, so to speak. It was plain cardboard. I added scrapbook paper to the sides/back & drawer fronts. Next I added the numbers w.a red puff paint.
Price breakdown:
Cardboard unit $7.99 (50%off $15.99)
3 sheets of paper 90¢ (50%off $1.80)
Red puff paint $1
Total: $10 (Hobby Lobby)
I don't have before or during pics and only this as an after, sorry!
The oldest loves it so far and the littles will see it soon!
I just love this time of year! Can't wait to start adding the activities (and maybe a lil treat) to the drawers :)
What advent calendar do y'all use?

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

Hi All! So I ma finally getting to post a few pics from our annual Pumpkin Patch trip. This was by far the coldest it's ever been! Holy Moly!! We all still wanted to go and try to make the best of it. Downfall was we did not do the hayride. That kinda sucked but we all still had great fun!
My littlest Pumpkin :)

The best "Poser" ever! LOL, he still loves the camera

I love how her arms look broken hahah

Carnival Game Champ! The kid wins nearly every game he plays

Watching the Puppet show

He REALLY got into it, :)

They had owls this year!! LOVE

Riding the pony

Snack time! Sophie was very interested in the band playing.

Sand Art

How she choses her pumpkin

The only one willing to pose for Mommy. <3

What? I'm eating here!!
(Frish's lunch after we left the patch)

Sophie likes the new stool we bought!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Halloween 2013

Hope  everyone had a great Halloween!! (sorry this is late)
Our dinner!

Mother Nature decided that today would be a good day to build up some monsoon style rain and thunderstorms. Pretty sweet of her,no? Ugh. The big wigs on the news were very back and forth on if it'd all begin at the witching hour or not. (6-8pm) The local library and Mall both decided to do indoor trick or treating. After really wrestling with what we wanted to do...
My monsters and I figured we'd brave the elements and just try. We did really well for about 40minutes, then Brother Monster would ask "one more house?" At each house. It wasn't annoying and he was very polite about about it. Then the rain started. We did a couple houses in the rain, but decided to cal it a night. Brother was tired and asking to be carried (hubbys shoulders) By the time we reached the car it was pouring,and by the time we got home the wind picked up. Now as I type this, we are having 50mph winds.
We ended the day with snacks and watched Addams Family. It was a great night and I may be biased but they couldn't possibly have looked cuter!! See for yourself! 

Harlyquin Girl, Angel and a Cop were my Halloween buddies for the night. Who went with you?

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me!

Hello everyone. I am now 32. Is that old? I'm not really sure. I feel ok, lol. My oldest tells me 30 is like ancient, but claims that doesn't apply to me. Says I stopped aging at like 17. Sounds good with me, haha. I'll gladly take it.
Anyway this is me, just mainly just tooting my own birthday horn. My birthday is another day in this house. My mom did buy me lunch which was awesome. OK, she gave me money which I used to take me, hubby and the kids to KFC. She's really the only one that acknowledges my birthday. Guess Im too old for all the fanfare. Blah. I like the fanfare, :) Oh, she called me at 10pm saying "I'm sorry if I bothered you, I was just getting tired. I wanted to call you at Midnight so I could be the first to say Happy Birthday but I have to just tell you now" <3 Could you die?? OMG, love her!
I was chatting with Sebastian, and we had the following conversation:
Me: So, you know what tomorrow is?
Brother: No, what?
Me: It's my birthday
Brother: OOOHhhhh!! Can I help you open your presents? Can I have a big piece of your cake? What kind did you get?
Me: I won't get anything like that buddy. It's just Thursday.
Brother: (eyes wide) WHAT?!! Who doesn't want to celebrate your birthday??
Hahaha, it was so crazy sweet and his concern melted me. So there's another sweetie in my life.

I asked Hubby if for my birthday, could I sleep in. Kids free. He take them whenever brother monster wakes up, then takes the baby too (who still sleeps with me) and lets me sleep in. Nope, no go. I can't get the day off diapers and baths either. Good thing those monsters are crazy cute!
So Happy Thursday! Hope Nov 7th treats yall well ;)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sebastian is 4!!

I'm not really sure how it happened, but somehow my little boy isn't so little anymore. He's four  which blows my mind. No, he's not in any kind of school, not even my feeble attempts at Mommy School. It sucks but what can ya do? He's the cutest boy in all the world! I'm not biased either, ask anyone! He's just a doll!! :)
For his birthday, he had the "kid party" at Chuck E Cheese, of course cuz he's in awe of that place. We bought the package so he could have the full CEC experience. That resulted in one very happy child! (His gift from us was a trip to Color Me Mine)
His "Family party" aka: grandparents, was done at his manage and pappys house. Pizza and his own creation cake. He told the baker (my cousin owns her own shop) and she made it happen. It was a very big day for my lil man.
Color Me Mine (Painting his Hulk box)

Birthday Lunch At Culvers

See? I'm not lying. He is the CUTEST!!!

As we were singing to him at CEC

Sebastian and ChuckE

His Gnomie did the Ticket Blaster w/him

He ended up with over 4THOUSAND tickets :)

His cake :)

Happy Birthday Brother Monster!!!

Love Him!!!


Spooky Sunday 2013

Ok, I have no excuse for my actions. I simply forgot all about this! My plan was to make Tombstone Brownies. A pan of frosted brownies with a chocolate rock path and some Milano cookie headstones. But alas. My brain is mush lately with all this other stuff going on. Sorry if any one was actually liking spooky Sundays out there!! I may make the brownies sometimes just for fun...

Friday, November 1, 2013

Sister Monster is Sick

I don't really even know how to put this on here or where to begin. It's all such a jumbled up mess. My darling Bunny has been sick. It's now upgraded to a "Chronic Issues" according to our last Dr visit,so I guess I'll attempt to update my invisible readers :)
Let's see..back at the end of August, she began to hemorrhage. (Keep in mind she's only 11) We took her to the ER where she continued to bleed heavily and collapse to the floor. They then rushed her via ambulance to Children's hospital. After spending the entire day/night being tachycardic, they ended up putting an IV in each arm and giving her 2 blood transfusions. (The double IV, I was told, was so they could help get to her faster in case her heart gave out, which they were afraid it may.) It was a very scary time, as you could imagine. She is never this sick. Never been poked outside a vaccination, so this was very traumatic for all of us.
When we left the hospital, we never fully got a reason why this happened. Only half assed theories. Things such as her body just freaked out when it tried to have a period.
Since this event, she has been in and out of drs non stop, at least that's how it feels. Back and forth between gyno and Pedi. More pills/meds than I could dare to count.
She's also getting sick on top of whatever is going on with her uterus.
We have been back go the ER. Turns out the pharmacy misunderstood her refill on the hormones that are stopping the bleeding, and that caused her to start bleeding and having the worst cramps of her life. We are just now getting over all of the side effects of that lovely fuck up.
She is also newly diagnosed with Depression, which is completely understandable. She is sad. She has been through hell and back several times and still has NO real answers. She's been taken out of school (drs agreed it'd be best to homeschool her this year, she's sick and at the drs so often she can't maintain attendance. And no one  truly knows why or what is wrong with her. She stays cold all.the.time, and her hemoglobin is at 15 (!!!!) Now so it's not caused by the anemia. She's got the most extreme fatigue that has lasted for MONTHS with no explanation. They (Pedi) wants to blame depression but gyno (and I) think if we got the bottom of her health issues, she wouldn't be so sad.
Sorry this is so all over the place, it's been a rough couple of months. If you have any questions just comment! And if you have theories I'll listen to those too lol! I'm just wanting  My baby girl back!!
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