Monday, June 11, 2012

Our First 7 Days of Toddler Led Potty-Training

Sebastian is now over 2 and a half (aka, he's 2yrs, 7months) so I thought we'd attempt this whole potty training bit. He has shown NO interest in the potty what so ever. He always would come tell me after he had already pooped. He knew AFTER he was wet as well. Anytime I would mention the potty he would scream NOOOO at me as loud as he could and RUN away. His little potty appeared to freak him out for some reason. So, I got a Cars themed potty insert for the big toilet. Nope, didn't matter. I even told him I would give him a piece of candy. Still did not matter.The kid was simply NOT interested. So each time I changed his diaper I would ask calmly "do you want to try to go on the potty next time?" and he would scream his NOOO and run away. I figured, "Oh well, I'll just keep this up and maybe one day he may decide to try it out" I'm truly in no hurry, so I will be patient. Suddenly out of no where I got an "ok, sure" HUH???...and so training began. BUT I am letting him lead the way. I am going slow and at his pace w/my encouragement. He'll get there.

Day 1: May 24, 12:

So this morning I noticed Sebastian making his poopy face and walking really fast out of the room. I said "Hey Sebastian! You need to poop?" and he said "NOOOO" and ran away. I followed him and said "You sure you don't wanna try to sit on the potty?" and he shrugged and said "ok, sure" I was in shock, but tried not to let it show. I put him on the big potty w/his Cars seat and he pouted. I sat on the tub and tried to talk to him/calm him down/etc. He pouted and whined for at least 15 minutes. Finally I said, "ok, you just want down?" and he nodded. After he got down he asked for a piece of candy. I allowed that. He tried and at least sat there, I reasoned to myself. As I was getting him a Starburst, he said "Mommy, I'll sit on the froggy and not cry" I was pleased with his enthusiasm so I got it for him. He pretty much sat in the seat all morning watching cartoons, going to pee twice during that time. During lunch I let him wear a pair of actual underwear and he stayed dry. The poop never came.
Naptime came and I gave him a diaper. He woke up w/it filled w/poop. Then he said he wanted back on his potty chair. I let him. He stayed naked for the rest of the day, and knew to go to his potty chair when it came time to pee! No awake accidents at all.
Bedtime came, and I put a diaper on him. (I didn't have any pull ups yet)


Woke up wet. He spent the entire morning in diapers for 2 reasons.
1) He said NOOO to the potty when I asked
2) We weren't home.

He fell asleep in the car on the way home and when he woke up, he wanted back on the froggy potty. He spent the afternoon naked and accident free! We left the house at 7pm and returned at 10pm. He wore a diaper during this time and remained dry. I asked him to go potty before bed but he told me he was "empty". He wore a diaper to bed

Day 3: Saturday

Woke up wet. Again we were gone all morning and then had company until 4pm. He wore diapers during this time, refusing the potty. Once the company left, he took a late nap and woke up dry. He asked to go to the potty and went pee! He spent the rest of the evening naked and accident free. Again, a diaper was put on at bedtime.  

Day 4: Sunday
Woke up wet, and spent morning in diapers. At noon, he asked to go potty and peed. He then wanted his "wears" (underwear) so I figured I would let him. I didn't want to squish his enthusiasm. He ended up peeing in his "wears", so I told him we'd do "nakey time". He was ok with that. He did great all afternoon, even went poop in the potty before his nap!
After his nap he woke up he refused to take off his diaper for about an hour. Then he came to me and said he was ready for nakey time. He spent the rest of the day accident free. Diaper for bed.

Day 5: Monday
Woke up dry! But refused to take off his diaper. He didn't want anything to do with the potty all day.

Day6: TuesdayWoke up wet, and again had zero potty interest.

Day 7: WednesdayWoke up wet. But agreed to me taking his diaper off. He spent all day naked and accident free. Diaper at nap and bedtime.

Conclusion: Sebastian is doing great in my opinion. Especially considering he had ZERO interest. Right now I have realized he does great w/nakey time. But if he is wearing anything: diaper/underwear/doesn't matter, he thinks it's ok to just go. That is what we need to work on. I think he now understands his body and when it's time to go, he just needs to understand to NOT go when you have underwear on...

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