Thursday, August 25, 2011

Memory Lane (baby shower)

I have been thinking a lot about Baby Showers lately. Several people I know are expecting and it's been a fun topic to discuss. In my little world, everyone had a shower for each baby. Every baby got celebrated, ya know? It wasn't until I joined the online community that I discovered that isn't how it typically worked. Apparently, you have a shower for your first and either a Sprinkle or Sip and See with each consecutive baby. A Sprinkle is basically a smaller shower, less gifts, etc. A Sip & See is classified as a meet and greet after the baby is born and is typically thrown by the new mommy. (based on these definitions, I guess I had Sprinkles before, lol)
I do not know what I will have with little Peep. If no one throws me a shower or sprinkle I would like to plan a Sip & See. (I really see it going this way because quite honestly, I think people in my life are so focused on how soon I got pregnant again verses my financial state they cant see past it to be genuinely happy for me. I know Peep wasn't planned and Sebastian will only be 2 1/2 when this one is born, but I fall deeper and deeper in Love everyday and feel incredibly blessed to be carrying this baby!)

So, all this thought led me to thinking about my previous showers. I will describe Sebastian's for you:
Technically my sister threw this for me, but I think I did, ha ha. She kept saying she wanted to throw me a shower but I was getting further and further along and still no plans. So I started planning it. I adore planning events, so I didn't mind in the slightest. I planned every little detail and even did the shopping. Her and MIL footed the bill at checkout time though. (so I consider it a combo hosting??)

Food was simple little horsdevores. Nothing fancy.
Games were fun!
* Of course we did the standard "Can't say Baby", I made little Binkys on a string for guests to wear, and if you caught someone saying Baby, then you got their necklace. At the end of the party, person with the most necklaces won. (I actually won this, lol)
* Draw a baby. Hold a paper plate on top of your head and try to draw a baby. So funny!
* Guess Mommy to Be's belly size. Have everyone pull out a piece of string to get the waistline of the pregnant lady. Some of these were shocking
*Decorate onesies. This was my favorite. I gave everyone a blank white onesie and had fabric markers out for everyone to make the baby a onesie. This is really fun for the kids at the party, but adults got pretty into it as well.
*Pass the gift. Wrap a party favor up and read a story. It was a story about Mrs.Left who went right up the street, etc etc. As the words right and left were read you pass the gift that direction, and whoever ended up with the gift at the end of the story kept the gift!
*ABC list. ABCs were written along the side of the page and guest had 5 minutes to think of a baby animal that started with each letter. Winner was the one with the most letters filled in.

ETA: I forgot one of our favorite things! I took a small pack of diapers and everyone wrote a comment on the outside using a Sharpie and shoved them back into the bag. I was not allowed to read them until putting them on him and they had to b used in the middle of the night.
So much fun at 3am when you haven't slept in days pulling our a diaper that says "remember how much he loves you for being there" or "watch out he sprays!!". This was a really fun thing to do!


  1. Decorating the onesies is such a cute idea!!

  2. showers are fun :) we have soooo many going on this year! and all the games are just a blast

  3. Those onesies were cute. Just give a pack to Cassie and she can spend 3 days getting them perfect, lol. I'm sure your sis will throw you a shower.

  4. Thanks!
    I forgot another cute activity (I'll add it asap)
    and Crystal, not sure about a full shower but we WILL celebrate lil Peep. My sis is one of the few thats really excited


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