Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 22, 11: WUIW(cake pops!)

Planning Sebastian's birthday has been nothing but fun and excitement! One thing I decided to do was make CakePop centerpieces. I think they are so cute and fun, but can I make them? No clue, never tried. SO I set out on a mission. We would do these as a WIUW and practice! Besides who wouldn't want to sample some practice cake pops? Thanks Hugely to Bakerella who  believe invented these??? Could be wrong, but she is fab regardless!
here are the steps we took! hope you enjoy!!

Things Needed
*Baked cake (I made Betty Crocker's RainbowChip)
*Candy Melts(I used chocolate Kroger Brand)
*1 can of frosting (I used Pillsbury white)
*Styrofoam (I didn't have any so I used an egg carton)
*Lollipop Sticks (I used 20)

*You will need to crumble your cake up completely, removing any and all hard edges, into a large bowl
*Next you mix in the frosting. The amount you need will depend on how moist your cake is. I only needed 1/2 the can. This is the make it or break it steptoyour cake pops. Make them too wet and they won't work. Make them too dry and they wont adhere correctly to the sticks.
* after your dough is made, roll it into balls. I need 20 for the birthday party, so I made 20 balls. I realized that this created balls that were too large and heavy. Next time I will make about 25-30.
*Next you'll want to stick this in the freezer for about 10 minutes to help st them

*Once you remove them from the freezer, melt 1 square of your candy. Dip the stick into the candy nd then into your cake ball. The candy acts as a glue and will help the stick stay on. Now you have CakePops!
*Now put them in the Styrofoam

*After all your balls are turned into CakePops, pop them back in the freezer for another 10 minutes to harden the candy. don't worry. The cake will remain soft.
*At the 10 minute mark, transfer them to the fridge. About 2-3 hours should be fine, but I allowed mine to hang out in the fridge overnight and they were still good.

*Melt your candy until nice and smooth

Bonus Tip
*This my depend on the type of melts you use, but I found mine to be really thick. I added a Tspoon of shortening to the candy melt to help thin it down. Please be aware this did NOT change the flavor! I was really scared of this giving a waxy feeling or aftertaste and it didn't. The flavor is still YUM.

*Next you will dip your cake pop into the candy. Use your spoon to help coat it if needed. "stirring" the candy with your cake pop will thicken and harden the candy
Next you can decorate them however you want and enjoy!
Mine wasn't the neatest out there, but they were highly loved by everyone and the taste is so incredibly delish, who cares if some were bumpy??

Hope you all make them and let me see how the turn out!!!


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  1. I think you and Skylar (and Sebastian) did such a good job!!! Your cake pops blow mine out of the water!


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