Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Oh my goodness! I just have to share this story because I am a sappy mommy, basically. ha ha
A quick side story is the firework show we had this year was super tiny. Skylar literally bought 3 bottle rocket type deals that my father-in-law(FIL) set off for us. FIL put them in an old Pepsi bottle in the street and lit them. The entire show lasted-MAYBE- five minutes. Sebastian calls the Fear-er works. ha ha

So last night while tucking in Sebastian he kept muttering something in his tiny sleepy voice that I couldn't quite make out. which is weird cuz I can always understand him. He kept saying "*something* all done" I didn't want to hurt his feelings by being all "I don't understand you??? what??" so I was just like "is it all done?" and he kept repeating it, so I was like "yeah all done! Let's yell it: ALL DONE" so he got louder and I totally got what he said:
 "FEARERWORKS ALL DONE" LOL, (ahhhh fireworks!!!)
then I asked him if he liked the fireworks and he went on a 4 MINUTE NON STOP description. cutest thing ever! He was all "pawpaw in bottle. street. they go (and he was using his hands mimicking them) ptshhhhhh BOOM....pshhhhhhhhh BOOOMM!! So pretty! fearerworks BOOM they go BOOM soooo pretty. now all done?" he went on and on about it so cute and serious and animated! I literally had tears in my eyes.

So, I guess our mini firework show had a huge impact on it's smallest audience member

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