Thursday, July 28, 2011

July27, 11 (WIUW:Double Delights)

Ok so today we took a break from CakePops (but I have an idea for next week...a CakePop idea, lol) and made Double Delights. Some people call the Whoopie Pies? Whatever you call them they are fabu. It's basically any cake batter turned into a cookie dough and then sandwiched with a filling of your choice.
We did Funfetti cake batter, simple alternation turned it into a cookie dough, and paired it with simple white icing dyed pink and blue. I let Sebastian pick a color and Skylar. Surprise, surprise, ha ha. Actually Sebastian's was a surprise cuz he usually picks Green.
The possibilities with this idea are completely endless. I think next time we are going to do a PeanutButter Cookie with PB&J filling??? Doesn't that sound yummy?

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  1. I have honestly never heard of these but they are cute!


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