Sunday, May 12, 2013

May Newness: The Castle

This month we had to cross state lines but to see this in person?? SO worth it!! Omg, so completely worth it.
The kids had so much fun and already want to go back. Hubby and I loved it as well... I think the Harry Potter nerd in us was just floored. I have tons of photos, of course but will share a few. Hope you love it too!!
btw: admission was only $3/person!!
Mommy's Prince

Great decor huh? Wanna decorate your house like this?

My princess by the rock garden

Sister Monster!

Yes, he LOVED the door being 3 different doors and loved going through this

Bye-bye castle!! Can't wait to come back :)

April Newness: Skating!

For Skylar's birthday, she wanted to go skating with her BFF, Sarah. While our "Monthly Newbies" are supposed to be something NO ONE in our fab five has done, I think this still counts. Yes, I've skated as a child, BUT haven't been since I've been with hubby and kids have never, so it counts, right??
The kids ALL had a blast, I totally see us repeating this activity. Sebastian needed the "skate buddy" but was doing great with it. Skylar was a wall hugger, but still stayed upright. Great for her first time in my opinion.


March Newness: Junk Yard

What? Junk Yards don't count as a monthly "newbie"? Um, when you have my son it SO counts!! Hubby has been here more times that we can count, but we took Sebastian for the first time so he could see the large machinery, etc. He was in AWE of the place!!

Skylar Turns 11 & Mothers day 2013

For Skylar's 11th birthday she had a skating party with her BFF, a house party with the family and her outing was to see a castle. (which happened to fall on Mothers Day)
Skylar is as Sassy as the day is long, but completely brilliant and I just adore her.
I can not believe how fast she is growing!! Love her to pieces!!!

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