Friday, February 18, 2011

Sensory Boxes part 2

So I decided to get out the boxes again...
 I have been trying to get Sebastian his own room, but everything keeps happening to prevent him from getting his own bed, etc. (Honestly I think Daddy just loves him in our room to much, haha) So for the time being, I am turning his bedroom into our "Play to learn area". (I'll try to get some pics of the actual room up sometime. ) Since this room was once Skylar's it still has the paint in it that she wanted, which is yellow walls and a stone look around the door and window. (It was completely Harry Potter themed) Well, Sebastian was playing on the "play" half of the room while I put up an ABC border. I noticed he was playing and in a good mood, so I tried the boxes again.
Soft box: I added a little rake so he can sift through the cotton balls. He played for a very short time, wasn't really into it.
Smooth &Bumpy: I added a little shovel. He loved this! We were having so much fun playing and since it was impromptu I have no pictures (sad face). He kept burying his hand and running his little fingers over the bumpy noodles. Whenever he'd get too wild and some rice would spill over, I would say "oh sad rice. He wants back in his home" and Sebastian would pick it up and put it back into the container. It was a lot of fun!
At the end we cleaned up, as always and as i was wiping the table, he got a wipe and helped. It was too much cute. He spent probably 5 minutes just wiping his little table beaming as I told him how great he was doing. Gotta love this monster!!


  1. Aww, so fun!!!! Did he try and eat any of it?

  2. Surprisingly no! I was amazed, LOL. He just ranked his little fingers through it. It was pretty cute, LOL

  3. Aww, I'm always so nervous to do things like this because I feel like Kenzie would just try and eat it.


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