Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Elf on the Shelf 2012 Recap

This year Santa has heard about our mischievous Lil monster, Sebastian. So he sent an elf to come and watch over him. The Elf's job was to watch Lil Sebastian every day and report back to Santa about his behaviour. Little did Santa know, but the Elf he sent??? Well, he was a bit mischievous himself!

Here is how he spent his time here

(click the day number to see details of where he was spotted each day)
Day 1    Meet Charlie

Day 2

Day  3  

  Day 4
    Day 5    

   Day 6 (brought Elf kisses, SO cute)

    Day 7 (on strike!)

     Day 8  

    Day 9(spider elf)

Day 10 (Charlie Ross)

   Day 11   




Day 18

   Day 19 (magical seeds! very fun post!)

   Day 20  (what grew from the seeds)



    Day23 (brought donuts!)


Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas

Day 24: Make Cookies for Santa

Today's activity was to make Santa some cookies!! We did that along with various other things. We spent the day out as a family. Good food, fun activities and came home to making cookies and feeding the reindeer!
I took a lot of pics, but will only post a couple, lol. Otherwise I would go crazy with pics :P
Day on the "town"

Sending last minute letters to Santa via the elves!
(Took kids to Santa's Workshop: very cute)

Sebastian and Skylar each personally decorated 9

Sprinkling the reindeer food

Day 24: Where's Charlie??

Charlie was on top of our lil tree holding a goodbye poem.

The magic was lifted so Sebastian (and Skylar) could give him goodbye loves.

So sweet!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 23: Where's Charlie??

It was getting late and Sophie was already asleep (in my arms) so this one was sloppier than I would have liked. BUT Sebastian was in love so I consider it a total win!
Using the wrapping roll (the lovely brown paper that wrapping paper is on) I made a quick lil box to hold Elf DonutZ.
Then I quickly decorated some Cheerios w/chocolate and sprinkles and gave them to Charlie to hold.
Sebastian thought they were amazing and ate them, lol.
Skylar admitted she is gonna be sad to see Charlie go. She enjoys looking for him each morning as well, even though she knows it's me.

Sloppy donuts lol

Day 23: Ride the Train: FAIL

We were going to go for a train ride today but weather didn't permit. Sad

Day 22: Where's Charlie??

Silly Charlie hanging from our Advent Calendar

Day 22: Make Reindeer Food

Today we made food for Santa's reindeer, as per our Advent Activity. The reindeer love oatmeal but we needed a way for them to find for them to see it so we added some shiny sprinkles and colored sugar! Some pics

I think Sebastian added lots of sugar! haha

Community Center Christmas Party

I think this was my fav CCCP! Sebastian completely adored Santa this time! He just wouldn't stop going up to him, between kids, etc.
He brought Santa up cookies: twice. Asked him what he would do if he fell off a roof (Santa Claus movie w/Tim Allen) asked about his elves (he now a Santa appointed elf) and his sled. Everything! He didn't leave him alone the entire time.

After the party we had Frish's for dinner, such a fun day!

yes, crafts follow us everywhere :)

Day21: Where's Charlie??

Find him? haha. He was hiding out by some HP stuff!

Day 21: Make Fake Snow

According to the Advent Calendar we were to make fake snow. I bought a box mix and this is how it turned out! :)
It was 2oz of water for 1 spoon of mix

mix it up

Let it snow!
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