Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Meeting An "Online Friend"

So today I met up with someone that I met online! I have been online friends with her for a couple years, so it was amazing to get to know her in real life. Her name is Bree Franklin and she is an AMAZING photographer. You can view her photos by clinking this. (I have the pleasure of saying I knew her before she was all pro, lol)
We met up at her hotel. (She travels a lot, and made a detour during her trip to visit me! YAY) Next we went to Dunkin Donuts for coffee and a lil meet and greet for her and Sebastian. She snapped a couple pics there. This was fun, as she doesn't have a DD location in her state of CA, so she enjoyed this. Next we went to a lil field behind a Waffle House for her to take Sebastian's photos! This shows you how amazing she is. The pics she took are incredible! I have only seen a small sneak peak, and am anxious to see the rest.
Meeting Bree was a lot of fun. I hope the next visit is longer!
It was so nice

Saturday, September 24, 2011


For Sebastian's birthday, I have been trying to do some DIY things. One idea I thought would be really cute was to take some coffee bottles and transform them into vases to hold flowers. I think the way the bottles are made they really look like old fashion milk jugs, so I went with it. This is super simple and next to free. I already buy the coffee drinks and always have paint on hand. Next up is simply buying some foam and fake flowers. I really think these turned out really cute, and the kids love them AND that is what really matters!

*as you can see, after I had them sitting in a bag the black got a little scuffed up. I will retouch it. No biggie.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Shoppers Unite!!

So, I am pretty much a  jeans and T-shirt kinda gal. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with jeans, T, plain face and hair in a pontail. Oh the horror! right? Haha. Not really. I think everyone should dress how they feel most comfortable and right now, this is it. I have been this way since I was about 20 (did all the funky experamenting in my teens that you just HAVE to do) ... so 9 years now. Which is also how long I've been a Mommy...hmmm?? Hahaha. Dressing up for me is rare, but it happens.
My top 2 favorite stores to shop for my everyday clothes would be Meijers and JCpenny. They always have great deals going on. Also I shop in the store, not online.
Their are some great online places as well if you like that option. Here is an idea of my likes. Just to kind of give you a tidbit about me! :)
Here are some of my favs:
Old Navy

Totally something I'd wear! This is "me" in a non T-shirt..lol
another great place:
New Maternity Line! This outfit wants to go home with me. I like this kind of look for Fall.
So that gives you a general look of the stores and styles I like. (I am also know for Expression tees with annoying and/or sarcastic comments on them. No I don't want to grow up, Haha. I enjoy characters as well. Hot Topic is another store I really enjoy!)
 So where do you shop? What are you fav styles? I'd love to hear about them!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My silly boy (PICS)

Just a random entry to showcase my crazy monster!! I just love him SO much!!
1st up is his love for bubble wrap. I am seriously considering buying him some to tape to the floor and play on!

His next adventure includes tearing out one of Skylar's DVD drawers and playing in there! He sat in it, made it a bed, etc.

And I'll end with some typical "Sebastian Faces" that I see daily!! I just love him!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Skylar's Field Trip

Skylar went on a field trip today with her Nerd Club. Haha, (hopefully y'all will remember this is an affectionate name we call her accelerated class group)
Today they went to the history museum in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was crossing state lines and her going on a big field trip w/o me. Very strange for both of us. She was a bit nervous due to not having me and not really knowing anyone in the group. It's brand new and mostly 5th graders. (she is in the 4th grade), and they have only had 1 meeting thus far. The only girl she does know doesnt not care for her, so that also made it awkward. In the end, she told me she focused on taking photos and trying to enjoy herself and have fun. She now wants us to go back without a school event so we can take our time for pics and viewing the exhibits.
They are learning about Immigration, so she got to play the role of an Italian trying to come to Ellis Island. They learned about certain diseases that were not approved of to be able to stay in America, etc. She came home with a lot of really interesting stories and I could tell she really soaked everything in. I am so proud of for going by herself, but I am sad at the same time and wish I could have been there. She feels the same way. It was still a great experience all around.
Here are a few of the 280 photos that she took!
(by the way when I teased her about the amount of photos, she replied "well, I am my mother's daughter." Haha...true, true!)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Baby Peep Update

So I figured I would drop a quick post to let you know that Peep is doing great. Heard (and saw HB) today which was pounding away at 154bpm. I have a pic and more info on Peep's blog if you wan to check it out.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sebastian's Cupcake Tower

 Well the time has come to start getting things together for Sebastian's birthday. I don't know if you read his little ticker on the side of my page but Holy Crow, it's popping up fast! Today I tackled the Cupcake Tower. (As you may remember his theme is Farm)
Everything was purchased at Hobby Lobby. If you don't have a Hobby Lobby, it's similar to Micheal's. Just a giant craft land of wonderfulness.
ok, So Supplies for the "Topper" were:
*Cardboard House $2.99
*Sheet of copper textured paper 59cents (40% off)
*Sheet of wooden paper 59cents (40%off)
*Sheet if grass paper 59cents (40%off)
and I had glue and Popsicle sticks on hand

Then I cut up the Paper and glued it to the house. I also covered a couple Popsicles sticks with paper and "trimmed" the door. I also added some grass paper to the bottom edge.The chimney still isn't completed though, lol.
Finished (except chimney)

Then I made a tower..sorta, ha ha. I used Wilton Cake Boards and scrapbook paper for this.
*Wilton cake boards $3.49
*Same grass paper as I used in house
*Straw paper 59cents (40%off)
*Dirt paper 59cents (40%off)
*wooden paper 59cents (40%off)
*had regular white glue and hot glue on hand
 Ok, so the steps aren't so much complicated as they are tedious. I trimmed the boards to create 3 tiers. Then I covered each tier with paper. Then I used the scraps from he papers to create edges. Next I cut the cake board scraps and made a long cube out of them. I used Hot glue to hold the cube together and to attach it to the tiers. I am actually pretty pleased with the outcome! I hope you like it as well!

Total Cost For a completely custom tower: $8.58 plus tax!

Random Acts of Cruelness

Found out a friends father was robbed over labor day weekend. Saw photos of the house and it was completely torn apart. Her 17 year old sister is now terrified and never wants to go back. Her room was horrid. (the parents are divorced so she's been staying with her mom) It was SO sad. They do have insurance to replace the materialistic objects but no amount of money can replace the photos and memories that were vandalized or the fact that they themselves feel vandalized. It is such a sad thing knowing what people are capable of doing to someone. It hurts my heart knowing that people are in the world thinking it's OK to hurt someone else.
I go to bed tonight with a heavy heart , and with this family in my thoughts and prayers.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Living Room Campout

After enjoying a fabulous barbecue with my family for labor day, Skylar ended her night by camping...in the living room.
Do you remember when you could shove two chairs together and a toss a sheet on top and it made your night? Ah, to be 9 again.
Sorry this is so short, things are crazy here right now. Hopefully you may have a little bit and you can browse around!
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