Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Miss Sophie's Fever Story

So last Thursday, Sophie developed a fever. Been there, done that so I treat and it helps a lil. Day 3 still fever. Pedi always says call after that. I do, get her an appointment. She is seen on Day 5, hoping fever would be out of her system, a fever is gone celebrating rash would take its place. Nope.
102.7 at the dr office. That was her lowest unmedicated temp.
Pedi was not happy. Roseola was a hope cuz then there'd be an explanation for the fevers. No rash. Ear infection? Nope perfect ears, glads, belly. Next up was a chest xray. Oh looky, lungs and chest all clear too. So why is my baby running so hot!?
They do blood work next. (But they did match her gauze to her dress! Sick babies are still stylish babies) Blood count was ridiculous, as the pedi put it. Said there was infection in her body but we didn't know "where". Sadly they had to catheterize her to check for uti. They said since she wasn't showing signs of a uti they did this last. Well, she was dry. Fevers dehydrated her and they only got 1/2" of urine out.
They try to do dip test but it wasn't 100% conclusive due to not enough urine. They are "thinking" its a uti though, and are treating her as such. She got a shot in her thigh with meds and a 10 day supply of Bactrin. Supposedly this is pretty aggressive for a uti but will attack infection of any kind so it should help her regardless.
We have the urine and rest of blood going to the lab though and should see results in a few days so we have a more clear answer.
Fingers crossed for fast answers and an ever faster recovery!!
Love you babygirl!
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