Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Industrial Bar Week 1 & 2

So I'm gonna post Weekly Updates, as I feel that will be the best way to keep all this organized. I'll also be sure to include pics cause that is what I would wanna see.
 Sunday Mar 5, 2017
*Made up my solution and the plan was to soak my ear in it for 5-10 minutes but it wasn't working for me so I ended up just soaking a cotton pad (got these at Sally's for $2.50, but saw them at Wal*Mart as well) in the solution and laying it on my ear for 5-10 minutes. It was probably closer to 10 minutes.
My Cleaning Method 
My cleaning solution (click for more)
soak on cotton pad, place on piercing for 5-10 minutes
Dip Qtip in solution and get around the sites and any crevices
soak another cotton pad in warn water to rinse 
This method will be used upon wakeup and bedtime for 2 weeks. Then I have another plan.
Also, midday I will wash my hands really well with antibacterial soap and do a full turn and push the bar up a lil and down a lil. never spending more than a minute messing with it. I really shouldn't have to say this, but please be sure to wash your hands VERY well before touching your piercing.


I did this for 2 weeks. I was going to take pics everyday and post them, but I honestly saw no point. They all look exactly the same, My ear was a little sore, and I am learning to sleep on my left side as long as I hold my arm in a way to create a hole for my ear to rest in as there is still a lil bit of pressure if I lay on it, but really I don't have any real update. So far so good 😀

Dear Junkie's Wife,

(My reply to THIS)

You call me the Judgy Facebook Lady and I will accept that title. Not because I like to be called judgy but because I keep it real.
Now you ask if you deserve sympathy and I say absolutely. It is not your fault your husband was a junkie, but I refuse to give sympathy to someone that did this to theirself. I see time and time again people are defending their family or friend because they had this "terrible addiction" and it was "this terrible disease that won". No. The person was a fucking junkie and they gave their life to a fucking drug. It was a CHOICE. Yes, I know that you can become physically dependant, but unless someone is holding a gun to your head making you "just try it" that first time, it was your CHOICE. If you get hooked after that it is still YOUR FAULT. Its not a "disease". No one wakes up and says "I'm having a bad day or life, I think I'll try a lil Cancer to get through that day." No, you put on your big girl or big boy panties and deal with it or deal with the consequences, If I get drunk to drown my pain should I not have to deal with the consequences of what I do while drunk?
People like to say "oh you don't know what led them to it", true I do not know. What I do know is that I have been dealt a very shitty hand in life and could write several Lifetime Movie scripts on my fucked up story but I know better than to turn to drugs. It takes a very weak minded individual to turn to drugs and I know better. So yes, sorry not sorry to anyone I offend but it is weak minded people that turn to drugs.
That being said, I am also not just blissfully ignorant to the junkie's plight either. I know past and current users. Yes, That's right. Go back and read that sentence again. I said "PAST", Did you catch that? I also said "KNOW" as in they aren't fucking dead! They knew they fucked up in their personal moment of weakness and GOT HELP. Why? Because they wanted to. You can get better. You just have to want it.
So yes, I will continue to "judge" and get pissed off when I see Narcan being handed out like free candy on Halloween because it's bullshit. People can't wakeup and say "Oh I think allergies sound cool, I'll take a shot of peanut allergy please, oh don't worry if I go into shock, Epipens are given away on the street corner" they are truly suffering and some can't even afford their MEDICINE while junkies are able to do their heroin and get free help? No. Would you be singing this tune if your husband ODed in a car and ran over a child? Or if a stranger ODs and kills your child? No, you'd be devastated and curse said junkie. Don't make excuses because you loved him. Call a thing a thing. Your husband was a junkie and needed to WANT help.
If I decide tomorrow "Oh I wanna try heroin and see if its really all this and that" and got addicted then it would be my fault and I wouldn't expect anyone to make excuses for me either.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Industrial Piercing: Night 1 & Cleaning Solution

So I just got my industrial bar at around 7:30pm, if you are curious as to how that went click HERE. I was out and about for a few more hours before I got home. (We went to Sally's beauty, out to dinner, etc) For the first 2 hours after getting my piercing, I'd say it went back and forth between a throbbing and a squeezing type of pressure. It wasn't too painful or anything really, just a noticeable sensation in my ear. Moreso on the top piercing. The lower one was decently fine. I didn't really feel anything out of that one. The cold air blowing on it, however, was a bit harsh. Going out side as I went from car to location was no fun, and I had to cup my hand over my ear. This is pretty common for me though as my ears are crazy sensitive to wind anyway so this wasn't anything extra I had to do.
Cleaning Solution
I was finally able to be home and settled enough to clean my piercing around 12:30-1am. I have decided to use the following solution to clean my piercing: 1/2 teaspoon sea salt to 8oz of hot water. I didn't measure. I simply put about half teaspoon sea salt (Got this at Wal*Mart for $4) into my teaspoon measuring spoon, then grabbed a small mason jar and filled it with hot water and stirred until it dissolved. Next I soaked a couple Qtips and went around my 4 sites and cleaned up the bar a bit. There's discomfort in doing this but the worst part is turning the bar. I tried to do at least 2 or 3 full turns so crusties don't get too bad on the bar, and I knew I bled a fair amount and wanted to clean that as much as I could tolerate. Major rule to any piercing is to not play with it or mess with it too much.
And of course, here are a few pics so you can get a lil visal of what I'm dealing with thus far 😃
1st Cleaning
Night 1 
Since this is on my left ear, I can only sleep on my right side. Don't even think about rolling over. I only attempted to roll over once and instantly my ear said "Nope, turn your ass back over. " It was like a painful alarm that refused movement. (I have a very bad back, so I am quite used to my body yelling at me and not allowing me to make my own decisions though) Again, it wasn't too bad. Just a quick reminder to roll over and it was fine. First night went well overall, I'd say.

My Industrial Experience

Saturday March 4, 2017
     Today I got my industrial piercing. I have been wanting this for as long as I can remember but never had the guts to do it, I even bought 3 bars LAST YEAR to put in this non existent piercing for whenever I finally bucked up the courage and got it. After much talk, Zakk was finally like, "just do it." I completely didn't want to do it alone, and was extremely scared. Zakk, cause hes seven layers of awesomesauce agreed to get pierced with me! He's not a "pierced person" and never had any urge to have holes poked into him. I was shocked that he was so willing to get pierced just to help ease my fears! So we went to our favorite tattoo shop and decided to go for it! For me it was thought about for a long time but spur of the moment at the same time. Like if someone told me when I got out of bed that day that I would have my industrial piercing by the time I went to bed, I'd say they were insane, I cant even imagine how Zakk would have felt!
So the procedure? First of all it is Tax Season, which means craziness at the tattoo shop, so it was busy already. Then add to the fact that Jeff, the piercer, decided to run a special made the place a madhouse!! (thankfully piercings are quick so the wait time wasn't too bad considering the 4 people ahead of us) When you get there you have to sign a form and show them your ID, this also holds your place in line. (Zakk had a sleeping baby in the car while I filled out paperwork, so this was a nice way to hold his spot as well. Let Spencer sleep until it was our turn :) ) Once he gets to your name, he comes out as asks what you want. I told him what we were wanting (me=industrial and Zakk=septum), then he said "OK, give me a few to setup". He leaves and gets his room all prepped for us. This only took a few minutes and he was back and leading us back to the room. His room was very tiny. One chair in the corner, the piercing chair in center and then the sink wall next to that. Zakk sat down and allowed me to go first. Jeff was not a personable type of guy. I was VERY scared and starting to shake a bit and he completely ignored it. Muttered "You're gonna be fine" as he ripped needles from their packaging. (Everything was already all laid out on a tray) Zakk snapped a pic of me at this time as I tried to make idle chit chat, like "yeah I always get really nervous before anything, ask Ryan" (Ryan is the guy at the shop that does our tattoos and is AMAZING. Great work and I consider him more like a friend at this point. I figured Jeff would be used to seeing us at the shop and what have you, but he ignored me and just started cleaning my ear) He put the dots on me and briefly held up a mirror and said "This is where it will be" and before I could really say anything, held my head still and said "deep breath". I barely had time to realize I was about to be pierced, so I took a deep breath on impulse having being told to. He counted to 3 very quickly and boom! Then before I knew it, said "ok deep breath" and 1.2.Stickon3. I looked at Zakk and was like "I did that part, I think" He laughed and said "You did it all. It's done" I said "No, that was the needle right? I still have to get the jewelry in" Then I hear Jeff;s voice beside me as he touched my ear again saying "Let me just screw this ball on" I was in shock. I was like "I'm done?" He goes "Yup" as Zakk is standing in front of me to snap a pic. The he handed me a paper towel cause I bled a fair amount. (practically filled the paper towel by the time I made it home) I stood up in total awe. I couldn't believe I was finished! I had the piercing I had been so afraid of but wanted for at least 3 years. It was done so incredibly fast as well. I felt a quick pinch both times, but it was really maybe a quick 4/10 at best on the pain scale. It was literally too fast to even know I was in pain honestly. (Zakk went next. Same thing, very fast but his hurt a lot, he says. If anyone wants a post on his comment below and I'll do that!) Jeff handed us an aftercare sheet and told me the total we owed. And we were out the door. From the time I walked into his room to the time I sat back in the car, it was about 10 minutes. No joke.
Pros and Cons of the actual piercing:
 *Price with his special he had going (both of us for $50)
 *Very fast (didn't have time to chicken out, that's for sure 😃)
 *Minimal discomfort only bordering actual pain
 *Most important: Zakk did it with me 💖
 *No talking
 *No explaining of anything (I would have liked him going over the care sheet, discussing my bar placement, etc. Yes I can read but a moment of your time goes far piercer man.)
And for your viewing pleasure: my ear!! I will be documenting this entire journey, so please follow me as we see how well this bad boy heals! As always, please comment down below. I love reading the comments and answering any questions.

3/4/17 My Industrial Bar Before/After

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