Friday, July 29, 2011

Eye Contact & Willingness to learn

Being a mother now for 9 years has showed me that I am not always the one teaching. Children teach you as well.
The most important thing I think I have learned is eye contact.
Children have a lot to say and often, as parents we get so caught up on what we are doing that we only half listen to them. You may not think that the way a string got caught on a teddy bear is anything to report, but to a child that may be crucial.  It doesn't matter why you hear "mom, mom, mom" 50X a minute. Take time to look at your child and say "hold on" "wait a minute" etc. They deserve that. But make sure as soon as you finish your task you go back to the waiting child, give eye contact and listen.
It 20 years (or whatever) and your child is having children of their own or reminiscing about their childhood, they aren't going to care that every dish was washed or floor was spotless or you got brownie points from your boss by working from home after hours. They will remember you took time and gave it to them. You paused your life and sat down and built a tower from Lego's. You turned a sheet and a couple of chairs into the coolest tent of all time. You made them feel important. You made them feel that their interest mattered.
No matter how busy you may be, you always have time to make eye contact and show your children that are special.
This event is also quite amusing, haha


  1. AGREED!! With 8 children I love this advice.

  2. I was just thinking about eye contact the other day, and was telling myself that whenever LO asks for my attention, I'm going to look him in the eye and keep focusing on him until HIS eyes turn elsewhere, just so that it's not just some quick glance and then I'm back to doing whatever busy thing I was doing. I agree that it's sooo important that they know we acknowledge them and pay attention to them!


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