Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Latest Creations

As most of you know, I love creating stuff. Here are some of my latest projects :)

My first "Circle bow" :)
Ribbon Rosette Headband
Tutu Dress :)
I made the bow holder only
(bows pictured are from Brynli's Bows)

2nd Circle Bow-on a headband
Sophie refused to let me take a pic of this one, haha


Sophie's New Bows and More!

I love making things! Bows/tutus/etc. But sometimes my hands crap out on me (curse you carpal tunnel) and to get what I want I have to buy them, haha. I looked around for great quality and great pricing and found a fellow April 2012 mommy does exactly that! She even makes T-shirts and leg warmers. Score!!
She even had something for my son as well. Here are some pics from what I received. (I made the bow holder in the pic, but she does those as well!)

In the doghouse now...

  Sebastian's newest creation! Plaster doghouse kit from Hobby Lobby.
This will be a bday gift for his grandma :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Feb: Jack in the Box Review

Feb's new place was Jack In the Box!

This was an out of our state visit, haha. As we do not have these near me. Hubby had heard on the radio about this place and wanted to try it out. So, we made the journey :)
Upon entering,  it looks like your typical fast food resturant. Once you look at the menu however, it's a bit different. Skylar says all the resturants had a baby and named it Jack. I tend to agree with that logic as they serve cheeseburgers to chicken to tacos.
After placing our order, we were given a number and told to take a seat. They bring it to you?  Sweet!
After about 15 or so minutes we were brought most of our meal. (I was missing my sandwich and hubby was missing his fries) Add another almost 10minutes and we got the rest of our food. My sandwich had swiss cheese. I had ordered cheddar. So I brought it back up and asked for the correct cheese. She told me she'd bring it out to me. Ok fine, I sat back with my family to chat and wait.
When the sandwich was brought to me the second time, it had no cheese... wow really? So I went back up and asked if she could just give me the cheese and I'd put it on. (I saw no need for a whole new sandwich, ya know?) She did and we all finished our meal.
The food (once correct and served) was very good. I really enjoyed the options they have as well. Also my sandwich was on a sourdough bread which I hardly ever see anymore!!
For my family of 2 adults/2 children (Sophie slept through lunch lol) it was just under $30
Final verdict: I'm going to assume the lady that handled my order was new and I'll totally go back here if in the area.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Battle of the Cupcakes!

After hearing about two local cupcakeries (yep, it's a word :P) I decided I had to try them. And in true "Cat" fashion I did a compare and contrast :)

First up was Heavenly Frosted Cupcakes.

*This rightfully named place did not disappoint. The cake is light and moist and fluffy. The cupcake is topped with what most would consider the perfect amount of frosting. I got "chocolate indulgence"  Rich moist chocolate cake topped with chocolate frosting and then a chocolate ganache. Decadent is the only word worth using when describing the cupcake as a whole. It's very rich and just all of YUM. I would not, however, recommend this to anyone without at least 2 sweet teeth in their head.
Hubby got chocolate chip cheesecake and was saying "oh my gosh" the entire time he was eating it, so I'm going to go out on a limb and say it was equally amazing.
Sebastian got carrot cake with a cream cheese frosting. He said it was "delicious" but only ate about 1/3 of it, but then again he is only 3, lol. I tasted it and must say it was probably the best carrot cake I have ever had. I never really considered myself a big carrot cake fan, but I am now. If it comes from here anyway!
Skylar got red velvet. Upon taking her first bite she claimed she didn't like it and walked away. I was shocked. I told her to try it again. Minutes later, it was gone. The issue? My monster only tried the frosting (cream cheese) by its self.  Her final verdict? It tastes great when together, but just the frosting or just the cake isn't that good. It's "alright" and you must eat it together, haha.

This cupcakery is a touch out of  our normal path, but not enough to be too terribly inconvenient. At $2.15 each, I'll definitely go back if in the neighborhood and need a cupcake :)

Next was Gigi's Cupcakes*This cupcakery is right across the street from the mall. Literally. How perfect can you get? So yeah, stop by and grab a cupcake and head to the mall! Perfect day, right? Well that is what my Saturday was.
I got a Peppermint Patty. The cake was a dark chocolate and had a minty center. There was pink mint frosting and a peppermint heart on top. The frosting here was the same size as the cupcake, so in my opinion THAT is the perfect amount, haha. The cake at this cupcakery is a bit more dense but the frosting and creamy center made up for it. It was one of the those treats that you adore but are thankful you have a drink next to you, know what I mean? (My chocolate one from the first place was the same way but only because of the amount of chocolate. The carrot cake and red velvet were not like that) I think this unique flavor was incredible. I am a huge mint fan and I wouldn't ask for anything to be changed in this cupcake. (I saw they also carry a grasshopper one which is made with Andes mints. OMG!! they didn't have any when I went though)
The kids loved them as well.
They are $3.50 each so a little more but they win with convinance cuz it's literally in the heart of where I love to be. They also have a card where you earn a point for every dollar you spend and after 50 points you get a $5 credit.

Overall, they both have great cupcakes. HF wins with cake style. I like a more moist fluffy cake. They also win with price. Over a dollar cheaper is a pretty big deal when talking cupcakes, ya know?
But Gigi's is much more convenient and the have the frequency card which I liked. Can I just get Gigi's to start making theirs a bit more moist? A lil less dense and it'd be perfect! Still love them of course, and I've already been back since my peppermint cupcake :)

I think my final verdict would have to be Gigi's for the mentioned reasons above.
Neither place will disappoint you. They are both completely "Heavenly"
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