Saturday, July 16, 2011

Table for 3...and now 4. (long)

Ok, so on another blog I LOVE ( Kelly's Korner ) she is having us share how we told our husbands we were expecting a baby. I thought I would share my complete story with both children since I haven't shared that yet. I find these stories fun to read and I hope you do as well.
When I took the HPT telling me I was pregnant with my 1st child, I held it in. I was shaking and so super excited, but wanted it verified before telling my hubby. So after my chiropractor appointment that morning, I went to a clinic that does free pregnancy tests. They assured me I was indeed going to be blessed with a baby and gave me a due date! I was over the moon. After hubby got off work, I made him take us out to eat. While we waited for our order, he asked about my day and I rambled a list quite quickly. "went to chiropractor, saw my friend, verified I was pregnant at a clinic, came home, did the dishes, and read a little bit---" and he cut me off cuz he caught what I said. He was shocked! We had only been married a couple months, and we hadn't been trying nor preventing. After a short "omg, are you SURE?" chat he jumped up and hugged me. Everyone turned to stare at us and he beamed saying "we're going have a baby" and he is completely anti-public displays of affection so this made me tear up. It was a moment I will never forget.
I told my mom by going to her job. She ran a fast food restaurant at the time. She came over to me and was like, "Are you guys eating here today?" I said "No, I was just wondering what you are doing April 24th 2002??" She responded, "Hell, I don't even know what I am doing next week, let alone next year!" I shrugged and was like "oh, i was just wondering cuz that's when your grandchild is due" Her eyes got all big and she shrieked! It was so funny. Then she goes around telling everyone in the restaurant I'm pregnant.
We told his parents by bringing it up in an insurance conversation. I said, "yeah since I am pregnant now, we have to get that new form and tell them I'm pregnant so it can help with doctor bills and whatnot. " His dad's mouth dropped while his mom was all "yeah, hopefully it'll cover your bills for you" FIL was all "did you even realize what she said?" She goes, "Yeah they need to redo their insurance?" FIL says, "uh...she's PREGNANT!" hahhaa, sooo funny

Fast forward over 6 years. I realized I was ready to start trying for another baby, and so was hubby. We got extremely lucky because on our 1st cycle of trying, I got my positive. I happen to go out with my mom that morning and told her I think I may be pregnant. Technically I wasn't even due to start yet and had already taken several dollar store test and have gotten faint positives, but I wanted that glaring digital. I bought it at Wal*Mart and we went to Frish's for breakfast. I tested there in their bathroom, lol, and got my clear positive! I came out beaming and she goes "you are???" and I nodded. Then we shared a lovely chat. Next I went to a store and got Hubby a card (Front read "don't bother babyproofing your house" inside read "cuz one already got in") and a box of chocolates.
I wanted to wait until Valentine's Day to give it to him, but I realized the digitals don't hold that word on there past 24 hours. So i offered him his gift early. He was very anxious cuz we usually don't exchange gifts. I wrapped the test about 20x in clear plastic wrap, and slipped it inside the box of chocolates. Then I gave him that and the card. He was over the moon! Asking, "really? this is real?" over and over. Then he wanted to tell everyone right then. Uh no dude, haha it was like 1am.
I bought Skylar a card from her new sibling (Hallmark rocks btw, lol) and a new DS game. My plan was to tell her at Valentine's Dinner, but Hubby couldn't. He told her that night! Just called her into my room. I asked her if she could guess my wish, and she said "yes, because it's the same as mine. You want a baby huh?" I told her "yes, and our wish is going to come true." Her eyes grew very large and she said, "how do you know?  did you pee on one of those sticks?" I nodded and she cried. I asked if she was ok, and she said she was so happy, and told me they were "happy tears" and she knew she would have a sibling soon because she asked God for one and He wouldn't let her down. I was floored by her reaction. It even made hubby cry! We all sat on my bed hugging and crying and laughing. Best. Moment. Ever.
We told the entire family by ordering a cake for Valentine's Day. I had them make a huge director's clapboard on it. (we are always playfully teased about our love for movies. Seeing at least 2 a week at that point in our lives, ha ha) The clapboard had "Coming Soon:  Baby #2 October 2009" Again, it took MIL a minute to figure it out, ha ha but everyone was happy!
So those are my stories, hope you enjoyed them. I look forward to reading any you may want to share...who knows, maybe I will post a 3rd baby story someday....

UPDATE: Guess you may wanna read this: Click me!!!


  1. CUTE, all of them! Visiting from Kellys Korner. I really liked how you told your husband for the first ... love it when men are caught off guard like that

  2. Ahh these are awesome stories! Thanks for sharing :o)

    I'm going go post mine up in a few weeks about how I told DH. I think we need to tell our parents before I post anything on here because I have a secret fear that they are somehow reading mine everyday! haha!


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