Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sensory Boxes

I made Sebastian 2 sensory boxes thus far. I have plans to make more. Sensory boxes can be any type of container filled with any type of material to allow your small child to explore and experience textures. Our sensory boxes did not go over so well on the first try. Little did I know Sebastian wasn't feeling well. I will try these again when he is feeling up to it, but I still wanted to post about these because I think they are cute and I believe he will like them.
Our first box is Soft. This is currently only filled with cotton balls. I had originally wanted feathers as well, but when I went to get them the store was all sold out. So at this time, cotton balls is the "Soft" texture.
The second box is Smooth and Bumpy. This container includes tri colored spiral noodles and blue rice. Well, it is blue now, haha. For those of you who may not know how to color uncooked rice, it is super simple. Just place your rice into a ziplock bag, drop in your desired liquid food color and knead the bag until the color has worked it's way through the rice. Then dump the rice into the container. If you use a lot of color you may need to let the rice dry but I didn't need to, it was ready instantly. There is no staining, no mess.
Although Sebastian wasn't feeling his best, he did enjoy this box for a few minutes before telling me he was ready to go to bed.


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