Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Skylar's Birthday Cakes

So for Skylar's actual birthday she wanted to make a cake all by herself. While we were out and about she picked up her ingredients and we headed back home. She completely baked her funfetti cake by herself (the only thing I did was pour the oil-she got the measuring cup out-because it was new and she didn't want to spill it, lol AND I put them in and took them out of the oven...safety first and all that haha) She also decorated this cake by herself. I mixed the colors and showed her how to make up her bags (how to attach tips with a coupler, that sort of thing) but let her work solo. The cake mix made 2 9" round cakes, so she gave me a layer to do as well, lol. I am NO cake decorator but this is still fun. I am pretty new to all this as well, so it's a lot of fun doing a project with her we can do together. Here are some pics

and Mommy's cake, lol

April 25,11 (MM: mini greenhouses)

OK, so I am going to try to get back into the swing of things. After a long day full of mixed emotions, we did our little project. (The mixed emotions were due to joining Skylar on her field trip, which was really fun but it also meant I had to leave Sebastian at home for the 1st time EVER..sad panda)
Today our Masterpiece was nature related. We did mini greenhouses which is made by Miracle Gro. They are little premade kits that you can buy individually. They are cheap (my walmart had them $1 each) and fun. All you do is pour in the 2 bags of dirt, then bury your seeds in that dirt, add 1/4 C water and Presto! Done. Taking care of them is easy as well, simply add water once the soil turns light brown until it's back dark. Easy Peasy, and kids love them! (oh once they touch the roof or grow about 3 inches, you should replant in a real garden)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Skylar's Piggy Party

OK, so this is really late. I'm sorry about that. Most of you know I was in the ER with Baby monster the entire night/morning before and got zero sleep. There was going to be so much more organization to this party. Desserts were highly rushed-so much so they had to be changed at the last minute, Decor was messed up, etc etc. BUT that all being said Skylar loved it all and that is what matters. here's what we have


Dessert Table

Closeup of pigs

Food Table

*For an activity I bought each child a ceramic piggie bank they got to paint

Acting silly by the photo wall

Present Corner
As you can see, decorations and such were all rushed to get her party done before her guest arrived. Not bad considering!! I'm actually pretty impressed at what we were able to accomplish. It's times like these I am glad I plan ahead or NOTHING would have been done. Thankfully I had a general idea of what she wanted beforehand.
I have more pics if there's something you don't see just comment and let me know!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Quick ReCap

So just a quick recap. Spring break was all planned but failed horribly. It got really crazy busy with planning Skylar's birthday this past Saturday.
Then Sebastian had a severe Asthma attack Saturday morning (911 call, ambulance, whole deal) and spent 5 hours in the ER. THEN we still had to come home and prep for her party. Monday was his followup and 18month Checkup. Crazyiness. I will post party pics later. (btw, MM and WIUW didn't happen this week)
I am still trying to sort through lack of sleep in the past week (only 5 broken hours all weekend) and Sebastian's medical issues. He has an Allergist appointment coming up too.
ok, sorry this was so jumbled. I am still quite jumbled myself

Friday, April 15, 2011

A Piggy Production Day 4

Today I decided to tackle the Tissue Paper Pompoms. It is really very easy and fun! Just be careful because it rips so easily. I used Floral tape as well as wire, but it's not needed. I doubt I'll buy it next time I do this. (yes, next time, cuz they are so pretty in my opinion)
*Items purchased
-3 packs of tissue paper (9 sheets each)$3
-1 roll of floral tape $1
-1 pack of floral wire $1
*Items on hand
-fishing line
Total Cost: $5

*first just open up your pack of tissue paper and lay it all out on a flat surface

*then you do a simple accordion fold, flipping back and forth. I just eyeballed it and didn't measure how wide my strip was. Just try to make them as straight as possible.

*This is what it should look like when your fold is finished.

*OK, haha,  this is when you find your center and wrap floral wire around it. THEN add floral tape if you chose to. Well, I  was getting tired and did it backward. Doesn't really matter, though

*Optional> I like the scalloped look to my pompoms. Skylar tried a test one and made hers pointed. To get scalloped, cut a curved each to each side. A pointed edge requires you cutting into a V shape on the ends

* Now you simply pull each sheet of tissue paper toward the center, going back and forth from side to side.

*What it looks like with one half completed.

* Finally you flip it over and do the other side.
Finished Pompom

*I did 3, using an entire pack of tissue paper per pompom. At the party, I will tie fishing line to this and hand them from the ceiling.

Please let me know what you think! (and post links of your pompoms! I'd love to see them!)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Piggy Production Day 3

I finally convinced Hubby to cut me out an "S" with some left over wood he had. Sadly as he was cutting my whimsical letter, the wood cracked in the middle. (see?) But oh well, it'll still do the job. I painted it with the same Diva Pink I used on the display board.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My newest Blog to follow

Hi!! I just "followed" this new blog. This lady is starting a really cool party business. You should go check her out!!
THIS BLOG!! is where you will find her party in a box items!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Piggy Production Day 2

ok, so today I was able to complete the backdrop for Skylar's Dessert table. It was a simple design but hard on my hands, haha, since it took two coats of pink paint. I had considered making something in the middle section, like her name or something, but Skylar and I are both thinking the simplicity of it looks nice. Who knows? We may change our minds.
*Items Purchased
-Elmer's TriFold Foam Board (on sale!) $4 (normally $8)
-Big bottle of pink paint $3
*Items on hand
-hole punch
-white paper
-Mini Xyron (this is a fab item! If you don't have one, I highly recommend them. It will turn any paper item into a sticker. Otherwise you could always glue the dots on)
ETA: my Xyron is a mini and is now hard to find. Walmart has medium ones for $20 and large ones for $50, and other alternate machines go up from there.)
Total Cost: $7
Items for step 1

After 2 coats of pink paint

Items needed for step 2

After painting the foam. I punched out a tons of dots (didn't count them) and ran them through the Xeron to create dot stickers. Then I added dots to two sides of the board, leaving the center a solid pink

Finished display board. We may put an "S" or something, not sure. We are still liking it like this too.
Hope you liked it! Skylar's cupcake stands can be seen by clicking here.

A Piggy Production Day 1

Skylar has decided she wants a pig themed birthday. My little girl is about as obessed with animals as you can get. She wants to be a farmer when she grows up, or at least work with animals in some way. She adores all creatures big and small. So now to celebrate her big day of turning 9, she is calling on the pigs!
She hired me, of course, as her planner. I get the joy of creating whatever she needs for her big day. Like most familes, we have a tight budget, so I will try to make as much as I can instead of buying it.
I will make a post daily about what we've made and what has currently been achieved.
Step 1:
PiggyPen Cupcake Stands
* Items Purchased
-2 bags of craft sticks $2
-2 bottles of white paint $2.75
-1 piece of foam core board $1
-1 bottle of green paint $1.37
*Items I had on hand
-tiny rubber bands
-hot glue gun
-hot glue sticks
*Total Cost of Cupcake Stand $7.12 and 1 blister from gluegun, haha
(and it's totally custom and the Monster loves it, so it's worth WAY more!!)
*Cut FoamCore in haf. Then count out the sticks to see how many it would take to cover each side if they were standing up. Mine took 21 for each shorter side and 26 for each longer side. (remember to factor in the ones you will lay across the pole ones) Then make 8 tiny bundles.

Next up comes the painting! I have severe Carpal Tunnel so this was done in 3 different settings for my hands to have breaks. Paint each side of your sticks white.

Completed white bundles

-Every pigpen needs grass right? So paint each of your boards with the green paint

Now you are ready to lay out the fence (while the boards dry) exactly how you want it to look

Completed fence panel

After all 8 panels are glued, you are ready to glue them to your boards.

And now you have 2 compled pens that will each fit (with extra room) a dozen cupcakes!

The plan for these pens is to have green tinted coconut (to appear as grass) sprinkled at the bottom and then pink pig cupcakes. I have never made a pig-face on a cupcake before, haha. Wish me luck!
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