Thursday, July 21, 2011

Skylar's Celebration

ok, WOW. I cannot believe I forgot to post this!! So this was the last day of school, June 1st so yeah a bit over due, haha. Hope you enjoy!!

Skylar completed her 3rd Grade school year with a bang! She had award after award, accomplishment after accomplish, etc under her belt. She had worked so hard this year and had lots to show for it. I really wanted to do something for her to celebrate. I decided to throw her a lil mini party. It was really going to just be me, Skylar and Sebastian (since Daddy had a DR appointment). I wanted to have everything ready as she got off the bus. (I had gone to her school that morning and watched her class's award ceremony as well)
Skylar's cousin Cassie was able to make it to our lil party and even added ice cream and vegetarian chili cheese dip to our menu. (Cassie, btw, is the only vegetarian in the family). Skylar's main request was a Rainbow Cake,(<-- click that for detail's on how to make it!) she wasn't expecting a whole table setup or Cassie, who ended up sleeping over. So this turned out to be a GREAT kickoff to summer event!

Chili cheese dip fit for the vegetarian in our life! (cassie, lol)

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