Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sebastian's 1st Haircut (new pic added:scroll for it!)

after (new after pic below)


 So after a long debate, I decided it was finally time for Sebastian's 1st haircut.  One day while we were out, I thought "ok let's do it." I had been wrestling with rather or not to cut those gorgeous golden curls for months. Yes, people were always telling me how pretty "she" was, and yes it had gotten old having to correct everyone, but I couldn't deny it. Sebastian WAS (and still is, haha) pretty. But truth be told, his hair was now in his eyes and a simple bang trim was not something I liked at all.
So, like I said, I said I was ready. Sebastian was too. He told me, "sure, yeah sure" when I asked. I was teary the whole car ride. My baby, my little man's 1st cut. Then we arrived and they were closed! I was off the hook!
Fast forward to this morning. Hubby and I were on our way to the mall when hubby decides he's stopping for a haircut. He says Sebastian can get one too. I was very chill about it, thinking he'd back out. And he did! So I had a talk with my lil man, and he decided he would try it out, after watching daddy. He did AMAZING. I wanted to keep some length, so I figured we cut to just where the curls started. Well, that backfired and it curled again, haha. I still love it and think he looks great. Hairdresser even gave me an envelope w/1st curl she cut off and a card saying "baby's 1st haircut".
And here are some photos of the process:

hiding as I tried to get a before pic

telling me it wasn't his turn yet

And it begins...

He did so well with being still!

The 1st curl

getting so short..

best behaved Ive seen him in a long time:)

golden curls grace the floor

watching in the mirror

getting away! haha. I asked for an after pic and he ducked down giggling

ETA: So after his bath that night, his hair went into MAJOR curl-mode. The straight shaggy cut I'd be hoping for SO did NOT happen, haha. So back to the salon we went and just chopped it all off! As much as I adored his curls, I have to admit he looks so dang precious!! Like a little man! I LOOOOVE his new hair!
Cheesy mouth, haha. But awesome after pic!


Bubble baths and chocolate cookies

So after a long day of arguing over everything with her little brother, Skylar disappeared into the bathroom w/him. Curious as to what was happening, I followed them. She said she wanted to give him a bubble bath. After the bath she dressed him in one of her shirts and a pair of her socks. Skylar led him into the kitchen where they proceeded to make chocolate cookies.
They happily spent 2+ hours together. Skylar even tucked him in and read 5 bedtimes stories. When she emerged from his room, she declared "I shouldn't fight with him so much. He is my brother. I love him." and went on to tell me about the talks and laughs they shared.
It's moments like these that make me realize how incredibly blessed I am to have my monsters. Here are some photos I snapped while they baked, as I supervised.
Sibling bonding at it's best!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Mustache you a question....

So Skylar wanted to go shopping with her cousin, Cassie who has been spending the summer w/us. This is how they returned. Yep, rocking the 'stache.
I had to take some photos, of course! (they even had one on Sophie)

Sophie 3 Months

Here are some of the photos from Sophie's 3month photoshoot

Independance Day!

Here are just a few pics of Sophie's 1st 4th of July. Our day was a bit insane so I didnt get many photos.

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