Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jul 20, 11 (WIUW:CakePops) Part 1

My name is Cat and I am addicted to CakePops!
oh my goodness, I just can't help it. This is only my 3rd time with these, but how fun are they? I mean seriously? Have y'all tried them yet? They aren't as tedious as I made them out to be on my 1st attempt, but they *are* multi-stepped. The final result is so completely yummy you will soon forget about how patient you had to be (you must forget this detail or else why would someone as impatient as me continue to make these? haha) I have yet to find someone that is not in love with these. Although, none of my friends or family is willing to make them,,,,they only eat mine....hmmm LOL.
This time we did Strawberry cake/Vanilla icing and chocolate candy coating. The hope was a cake version of a chocolate covered strawberry.
Sebastian did about 90% of the cake mixing, and while he napped Skylar and I finished it. He can't be in the kitchen during this process anymore, haha. He will scream "CAKE-POPS! Mine!! wanna eat it!! Cakepops!! Mommy!! Cakepops!" the entire time. So we decided we would try to be cutesy about it. I even attempted Mickey Pops, haha. Skylar did pigs, of course.
 Here are some pics. Hope you enjoy!!
Sebastian made the cake before his nap
Skylar crumbled the cake

ok, I have had a few people ask about how much icing I mix into my cake crumbs. This much! haha. It's a lil less than half a standard size can

My dough balls, lol

Skylar's pig faces

I dipped the stick into chocolate candy melts and shoved it into my cakeball. Then I dipped 2 mini Oreos into the candy and shoved them into the ball for ears. I also flattened it out a little bit. No real reason, just looked better to me, ha ha

Finished Mickey one. Goal was to make 12 of these, I made 8. they were not cooperating with me so I gave up and made regular ball style. I am decently pleased with the outcome though.

Regular chocolate cakepops with  strawberry cake filling. YUM

Skylar's pigs kept falling apart so she made this huge giant Cakepop Ball. It's so pretty, I think.
He woke up to a Cake Pop and was SO pleased

"uh, no Sissy! this is MY Cakepop! Get your own"

We also did a craft today, so I will grace you with the details of that along with some photos tomorrow!! Stay tuned!
click here for the craft!



  1. They look so delicious! LOVE them, and I want a bite :)

  2. This is great, I always wondered how you make these! Thanks so much for sharing and linking up on the Smart Summer Challenge Linky party!

    pink and green mama


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