Sunday, August 21, 2011

SS Bday Gift #1: FlowerPot

Today we worked on a craft for a friend. I am in a Mommy Group with other October 2009 babies. We have been in a little group of us 10 girls for over a year. Some of us have actually gotten rather close. ( I also mention this group here) This year for the kids birthday, we decided to do a Secret Stork (SS) and make a gift. Sebastian is to make something for the child's name we got and we should be receiving a handmade gift as well. I am looking forward to seeing what the other moms do!If our SS is a reader or follower on this blog, I hope this doesn't give it away!!
The first thing we did was a flower pot w/faux flowers.
Skylar, of course had to make one too, and maybe she will bless me with her flower pot? haha I can only hope. In fact I think these are precious and want one from both kids.
The kit comes with 3 ceramic flower pots, a set of paint, 1 paint brush, 3 pieces of foam and 3 sets of flowers. All you do is paint the pot, let dry over night, insert foam and your choice of flowers and Wah-La, a beautiful gift! I found this on sale at Walmart for $10, so you figure a little over $3 each if you make it into 3 gifts! nice deal, huh?
They both thoroughly enjoyed doing these. Sebastian didn't want to stop even after his was painted!
Tomorrow's goal was inserting foam (after they dried all night) and putting in the flowers, but we may have to paint something, haha. My kids just LOVE painting!
 Today was Step 1&2: Paint and let dry

On Day 2: Sebastian simply added the foam in the pot and inserted flowers. I showed him how to *fluff* out the flowers a little and he took over. It's amazing to think this was totally done by him! LOVE that. (Skylar hasn't added her flowers yet). I really hope his friend likes it!


  1. Dang, I'm amazed at Sebastian's fine motor skills! It must be the teacher in me, but I swear, I was just staring at how well he holds both the brush and the pot!

    Anyway, this is a super cute idea! :-)

  2. Awww Tear! Thank you!! I am amazed by him as well, but I'm "mommy" so of course, I'm going to think he's awesome, lol
    That means a lot! Especially coming from a teacher! Maybe I have an artist on my hands!
    Glad you liked it!!


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