Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sebastian's Saturday

Ok, so in my Mommy Group (an online group of the best people that all have October 09 babies!!) we are doing a thing called A Day In The Life of---. (this was my idea and yet I still failed at doing it completely right, geesh, haha) We were to document everything our babies did for an entire day.
For some reason, it's not letting me post pictures over there so I am going to do my thread as a blog entry and C&P it to that site. I hope y'all enjoy his day, too!
So the weekends are weird for us and everything gets all out of whack, mainly because time quickly ceases to be a factor in the day, haha
At about 8:20am, my monster woke up full of smiles and cuddles.

 After a quick diaper change and cuppy, I asked if we could lay back down. He said yes, we I turned off the light and we layed there talking and snuggling until 9:10am, which is Med Time so we HAD to get up. Bummer.
1st up is Antibiotics for his ears

Then it's 2 puffs from his FloVent
After a quick wardrobe change it was on to breakfast. Lately he has been wanting to eat upstairs with my mom, so I bring his food with us. (As for those that don't know, we live in a duplex with my In-Laws on the other half and my mom is currently staying with them. Interesting lil tidbit for ya, haha)
Cuppy w/Ice Water, Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal and a clementine 

 Not long after breakfast, the mail comes. Sebastian gets very excited about watching the truck pull up. He will watch out the window until it pulls away, tell me "done" (because the driver is done getting out our mail, lol) and I go bring it all in. We always have to make sure Sebastian gets something.
 Another complete MUST for him daily (like the mail) is Bird Watching. He says bird on occasion, but mainly just signs it and gets super excited. Apparently though they are all "Green". Sebastian is too young to lie, so it must be true!
Pappy decided to take Sebastian on a walk around the yard. Sebastian just adores being outdoors and looking for insects, birds, planes, everything.

Then he came inside and played for a while until it was nap time.

 I gave him to Daddy, who typically does sleep-times. and Sebastian slept for a touch over 2 hours. (12:30-2:45) Then it was onto lunch. 
I think he was still sleepy!! HAHAHA

OK, a banana woke him up
Next up, after lunch was a Kroger trip. The idea was to gt something for dinner, but we ended up not even eating it. Oh well, tomorrow's meal is planed I guess!

When we got back Sebastian's Gnomie was there!!! (my sister and her crew. Cassie, my older niece, calls Sebastian her Gnomie.-odd story behind that one, haha) Sebastian doesn't get to see her as much lately because being a girl of nearly 17 is pretty busy. I enjoy it when she visits though. Sebastian had lots of fun with her. They spent the rest of the day together.

Teaching him to text

He'd rather talk the old fashion way...THAT'S my boy!!!

This must have been a serious conversation because he was super into it!

Giving kisses

Kissy face!

YUM!! Sharing a pickle

Once everyone left, we did too. We were pretty hungry so we stopped by Long John Silver for our dinner. It was already 9pm, which is Sebastian's everyday bedtime (and Skylar's weekday bedtime)

Then we went to Wal*Mart. The goal was toilet paper. Our cart ended up with way more than that, what is up with that store? They definitely know they can take my money, I very rarely go there and JUST get what I went there for. Every other time involves Impulse Buying. oi
Finally we get home and Its time for bedtime routine's. It's already 11:30pm! Skylar is fine and handles most of her stuff herself. Sebastian needed changed and his nighttime Meds. I didn't get pics of this since he was getting sleepy and cranky and wouldn't be still, haha. Since we no longer had the antibiotic I was glad to just have his FloVent, but nope. I had to give him Benedryl for the 1st time.  This afternoon he broke out in an allergic rash and pedi says he's fine and to just watch him. (Any followup questions on his rash, or ANYTHING, but comment and ask away!
Then it was time for bed!! Goodnight! Thanks for sharing our Saturday!!

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  1. Cute idea! I did the same thing for my October 09 baby :)


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