Wednesday, August 3, 2011

CheeseCake Pops (fail) and more..

Soooo, I attempted Cheesecake Pops. I failed. Haha. I did a simple store bought cheesecake no bake mix and didn't add the crust. I assumed if I chilled it long enough, it'd be firm enough to roll up. Nope, lol. I had it in the fridge over night and 3 hours in the freezer and it was still gooey.
I tried putting the stick into the chocolate and inserting and re hardening. Doesn't work. In the end, I had to hold the cheesecake blob and pour the candy down over it.
This worked to some degree but the Cheesecake Pops completely refused to hold their shape. They are simply too soft. I have a few ideas for next time, like making my own cheesecake batter for one.
Oh, one idea I had was to mix the graham cracker directly into the cheesecake. This may help a lot to give it the texture it needs, but I don't like graham crackers in my food, ha ha. It's a weird texture thing for me, so I will find another way. Stay tuned as I will attempt this again!!
Ok, so I made 10 of these before I was annoyed and gave up on them. Next me and Skylar started using the left over chocolate candy melts for other things. We covered bananas, etc, but our favorite had to be the butterflies!! This will show up again, too I promise!!
We made Daddy a Peanut Butter Butterfly, me a solid chocolate butterfly and my mom a cheese cake butterfly. (she ate hers before pic was taken.) I think Butterflies will return soon because we had a blast creating them!


  1. Did you make sure the cheesecakes was a baked type and not a gelatine type set one? Cheesecake pops are super delicious. The peanut butter-fly look yummy

  2. NO, I didn't!! Good point! I was thinking maybe making my own REAL cheesecake batter may help it work a bit better!! THANKS!!!


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