Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1st Day of 4th Grade

Well today was Skylar's 1st day back to school, and my 1st day realizing how pregnant I really am. Morning Sickness to the 10th degree, I'm assuming. Due to it, I did not take Skylar to school today, which completely bucked tradition. She was sadden, but was super understanding. 
She got up early, as usual and got ready. She had her outfit chosen for weeks and looked ridiculously adorable. I made her favorite breakfast of bacon, eggs, and biscuits. After breakfast we went outside to enjoy the nice cool morning air and wait for her bus. We went out about 15-20 minutes early.
There was a baby cricket on Sebastian's pail on the patio table so Skylar checked him out.
The morning went really well, and included a very classic Skylar quote. She was talking about how on the outside she felt Happy and excited but on the inside her stomach hurt and she felt nauseous. I asked if she was just nervous about the new year and she said, "oh yeah. I'm sure I'm fine and it's just psychosomatic " LOL. love her.
Here are a few pics from her morning!

Best.Breakfast.Ever (in her eyes)

Looking so stylish!
Waiting for her bus

Baby Cricket stopped by to see her off

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