Thursday, August 11, 2011

8/10/11 WIUW: Butterflies and Cupcakes

Today we tackled Funfetti cake mix. I think it very well may be my daughter's favorite.
I made the batter (myself) while her and Sebastian ate lunch. After lunch they wanted to play with the Oobleck (found here) some more. Yep day 3 of play. This stuff is very well loved, haha.
After gloop play (and cleanup!), it was on to dessert!
 I made 12 cupcakes and put the rest of the batter into a small cake pan. She used that for her Butterflies. They were standard cake pop taste (found here) but with a fun cute new look!
Skylar painted the inside of 5 butterfly molds with food color, the poured in her vanilla candy melts. She let that harden, added her cake pop filling, topped with more candy melt and let harden.
Sebastian painted letter molds with food color and I filled them with the candy melt, and put in fridge to harden.Next I let Sebastian chose a color for icing (he chose blue) and I frosted the cupcakes. Skylar added the letters Sebastian colored to the cupcakes as toppers. Very cute! Today was fun! Scroll on for pics!                                        More Gloop Love!!        

Painting the letters

Painting her butterflies

Finshed cupcakes

Cakepop Butterflies!

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  1. Love this, love you and I love your new blog layout! OMG <3


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