Saturday, August 6, 2011


Today I took the kids to the park. My little monster was amazing me at how big he is getting. He hasn't been to the park very often, so it's all still pretty new to him. I hoped the swings/slides etc wouldn't scare him, but he is getting so independent and brave. He hadn't been to a park all summer. his last park trip was on Easter, I think!
I had brought his wagon thinking we would take a little walk and have him ride, but the sky was looking iffy, so we nixed that and stayed close to the car. Sebastian and Skylar didn't care at all. She was off running around and Sebastian took that as a hint for HIM to push/pull the wagon all over. He got quite the workout while my purse and his diaper bag enjoyed a long ride.
The "Big Yellow Slide" is Skylar's favorite. She told me we couldn't leave until he slid down it. I asked him and he said, "no." I told Daddy to just carry him up to it and see if he freaked out. He didn't. They climbed to the top and Sebastian was super happy about it. They slid down together and Sebastian was now in love with the "Big Yellow Slide", he kept telling me "more" and "baby do it". I still made Daddy follow him and help up the stairs, cuz they are creepy in my opinion (LOL) but he slid down the slide all by himself. 6 times, lol. It's amazing how big he is becoming. Bitter sweet but proud moment.

** we also did Bubble Snakes today but I will post that sperately! Click here to see!

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