Sunday, August 14, 2011

Meeting Spongebob

So, like most kids, my children adore that big yellow spongy guy. Sebastian was able to say Bob-bob before he even knew who he was! He knew of the theme song and danced to it (he will dance to anything btw) because Skylar and her daddy watch it together. Now he is slowly starting to watch a few minutes of TV at a time, which before he would barely make it past the song. He still doesn't hold TV in high regards, but will watch the occasional cartoon. For example, he asks for "cartoons" when it's nap time and bedtime, and will fall asleep next to daddy while they are on. While he is fully awake however, he barely gives TV any love, LOL. That's fine.
Also, I don't feel like a Spongebob debate, I know a lot of parents that both adore and loathe the spongy guy. I don't mind him. I don't personally watch it but my kids are allowed.

Ok, so all that brings me to the fact that Sponge bob was at our grocery store today! We have known about this for weeks and have been planning on bringing him. I was a little nervous, because he'd never seen a costumed character before (except Santa and that went over horribly), but he LOVED him. Oh my goodness. 3 trips through the line. He raced right up, hugged him, was dancing, etc. It was hard to take pics because I was laughing so hard. I even got teary-eyed at his excitement. He was such completely infatuated with this guy. He even waved bye-bye to him as we were leaving. It was so adorable!
Running up to shake his hand! ha ha

YAY! Spongebob!

Then Sebastian starts dancing

He was showing me his tongue, and saying he could see Spongebob's tongue

and of course, a HUG



  1. he is getting to be such a big boy!

  2. Thanks!!
    He is getting big, sad face. And he's in now truly a FAN of this yellow dude, it's official, haha


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