Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Top 3

These are my favorite 3 posts this week. I love reading blogs so maybe you may like something I post and find a new blog to enjoy!! (Hopefully you still like me too, though HAHA)
ok, so.....
1) Thinking about Adoption was a great post to me because I really believe in the importance of Adoption. I have seen first hand how incredible it is and I really think everyone should read this post that may be considering adoption, or have an unplanned pregnancy.
(btw this is the blog I got this top 3 idea from!!)
2)sunset Heather's blog  is really neat. Besides the fact that I know her as a fellow October 09 mommy, (hehehe) she takes stunning photos. Her goal this year was to take a photo everyday. She has endured a lot and is such an amazing person. You should take the time to read her story as well.
3)  Kara's Parties will never disappoint. I love everything she posts!! All her parties are amazing and I love drawing inspiration from them!

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