Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bubble Snakes

Today we made Bubble Snakes! So fast and easy, but best of all, both kids thoroughly enjoyed it.
I got a book at the library about quick and easy crafts, so I copied some down! Hope y'all like them, as I plan on doing them in the upcoming MM and beyond!
So, Bubble Snakes are simply that: Snakes made from Bubbles. Instructions could not be simpler:
*Old bottle with bottom cut off
*Use a rubber band to secure a washcloth to the opening in bottom
*Shallow bowl w/water and a tiny squirt of Dawn
*(I tried adding food color to the water, didn't work. I'm going to add it to the washcloth next time)
 Simply dip your bottle into the bowl and blow.
 These are really fun to play in and if it weren't so hot out today I could totally see this lasting a while with both kids.
Be warned though. If doing this with a toddler, have a sibling, older child or adult do the blowing. I had a lot of "baby do it" requests but I fear them not properly blowing and you could suck in soap. Bleck, no one wants that! Therefore, I was the designated Bubble Blower.

 *oh, and another thought! How fun would this be in the bathtub??? haha


  1. Hi Cat! You are the winner of our Week Four Linky Leap Frog Prize Pack giveaway of the Smart Summer Challenge. I can't find your email so I'm leaving a comment here, sorry about that! Could you please email me your full name and snail mail contact information so we can send it to the nice folks at Leap Frog so they can send you your Leap Frog prize package?
    Thanks so much! Love those bubble snakes and that "new" homemade t-shirt for your little boy ; )

    MaryLea (pink and green mama)


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