Monday, August 1, 2011

Aug1, 11 MM (Veggie Garden Sensory Box)

So today we did another sensory box. I know, I love these things, can't help it. A toy made from household items that a toddler adores and stimulatea their brain? Yes please!! I saw one here that was my inspiration. Only I made mine a bit simpler and let the kids be more involved in making it rather than making it and handing it to them. (so yeah mine isn't as neat, lol)

The only thing I did was make the markers a few days before on a whim. I was up late, as usual and wanted a lil something to do. So I made them, and I shoved the pipecleaners in the carrots. The things we used to create this box were:

Items Needed

Can you tell bathtime came early while the paint dried on the veggies? haha

Yay all done!! ready to play!

I think he loved it!


  1. very cute! great idea too, it would fit in well with our farm theme in Sept

  2. Wow what a great and fun idea. My kids have the best fun when I let them create and get their hands into things, you've inspired me to be messy mum today.


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