Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WIUW: Stuffed Chicken and Green Beans

For today's installment of WIUW, I present dinner, :)
The idea to stuff the chicken with spinach was from a Pinterest I saw, BUT I changed so much I'm not sure linking that would even make sense...
Here's what I did. My chicken breast were rather thick, so I butterflied them. Next I put 1/4C de-thawed frozen spinach and 1oz mozzarella cheese inside. Then I closed it and secured it with 4 toothpicks. Repeat as many times as you need, we did 4. Then bake them at 350 for 20minutes. Perfection.
As a topper, I mixed about 2/3C mustard to 1/3C honey for a fast lil honey mustard glaze.
The side item is some fresh green beans I tossed in the saute pan with some olive oil and Parmesan cheese.
Enjoy! (Let me know if you try this!)

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