Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day 15: See Santa

Today's Advent Activity was to see Santa! Obviously I knew about this ahead of time which is why I planned it for the 15th. Skylar's school holds a Breakfast w/Santa which is pretty fun to go to.
Here are a few pics!
Sebastian did amazing with Santa. Talked about wanting a lawnmower and tools. (which is already has so I was confused, lol) Santa said he liked cutting grass too but North Pole doesn't get much, only snow. So Sebastian told him he should get himself a snow blower, hahaha. Santa got a huge kick out of him (most people do) and said it was the most unique conversation he has had with a child. Glad he kept it interesting for him, :) 

Sophie's 1st site of the "bearded one"
She was interested at first but scrunched up in an "I'm about to blow a fuse if you don't get me now" kinda face as soon as he spoke. Poor baby, hope he still brings her something, HA

Skylar refused to go up to Santa and then whispered "he's our janitor so I see him all the time anyway" (HA!!)

It was catered by Chik-Fil-A, which is why there were cow crafts and decor.
 Sebastian didn't eat though. He's on a strict candy diet lately
(oi the battles we've been having!)

They crafted and even made a card for the Troops over seas!

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